“If it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s red make it dead.”

This seems to work in almost all MMO’s I’ve been into. The yellow critters are easily avoided and not something else you have to slog through to get from here to there. The reds though, you’ve gotta take out for the most part, or you end up with a mob train. Those can be fun if you can find someone to dump them onto, otherwise they’ll just wait to boot you off your horsey and beat the crap out of you. *shudders*

Eve Online is really the only MMO where this doesn’t apply. Mostly because at least in the beginning of the game, you’ll want to avoid the red ships, they’ll massacre ya. Unless they’re total noobs. Then just let you’re drones kill it. (I actually had this happen to me, a guy in a noob ship fired on my mining rig, unfortunately that triggered my drones who then ate the noob for lunch. And much laughter was to be had in my noob corp that night.)

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