Mom and I logged into LotRO for the first time last night. I got her turned around on a quest or two but we still pushed both little hobbits up to level 6. It seemed to go so much faster this time. I’m not sure if they’ve cranked up the xp or we just knew what we were looking for.

We both already picked up professions, Moms went for full gatherer (Explorer) which should help her make some monies later on. I went for Woodworker so I could farm. I love farming in LotRO. I can’t really explain why. I guess it’s because I wish growing things in real life was just that easy.

I did notice that out of the womb zone LotRO took a tip from Runes of Magic and gives new players a happy little present to use that’s full of stuff. Yeah some of it seems useful, sort of, for the most part it just seems to clog my bags which in turn will lead to purchasing more bag space. Bravo Turbine, bravo. As much as I want to be angry about this, I really can only bow to the marketing skill.

Once you’ve run your own business, you’ll get it, promise.

Next up on the list of Runes of Magic like items is the “rent a nag”. You can get a temporary horse from the store via Turbine points. Right after you exit the womb zone you’re get a shiny and temporary horse whistle in your gift box. Yep once again, same thing in runes of Magic. Get them hooked on the cool aid.

Honestly though, once again, I’m not going to complain much. Unlike Runes of Magic it looks like you can very slowly earn Turbine points as you play LotRO. I like that aspect a lot. So I could wait over time and pick up a mount via saved up LotRO points. Chances are this is what I’m going to TRY to force myself to do. Thing is though, I just love the horsies in LotRO so much! (Yes, this is the part where the girl finally shows through, I love in game mounts).

As of this writing the riding skill is on sale so I picked up the riding skill to save some time/energy/funds later on. Even though it shows that there are no mounts available for me right now. Bastages. I’ll also clue my Mom in too. I’m sure she’ll be stoked to have a mount that doesn’t seem to get stuck on every passing object. Elekks I’m looking at you (inside WoW reference, Mom’s Elekk had a thing for trees). Though I can’t seem to get a horse from the LotRO store yet, at least I have the riding skill, horses will come later.

Well gotta get on to real life stuff, but figured I’d make some notes to self before moving on. I’m actually interested to see how LotRO will play as things go on. In Runes of Magic the game seemed to rely heavily on the store and after a while it just got annoying. It looks like LotRO does that as well, but with the option to earn points instead of just buy them, that to me means quite a bit.

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11 years ago

I didn’t know LotRO went F2P. That’s awesome! I’ve wanted to jump back in but I have a hard time justifying the subscription fee for pretty much the same reason as you. I just don’t play enough. Did you know EQ2 has a F2P server? They use pretty much the same tactics to get people to spend money. Unfortunately for them, after Free Realms I am completely tapped out on micro-transactions.

Where can I find you in Middle Earth? I might have to make a character.

11 years ago

Okie dokie. I don’t know if I will be playing much either. But I will add you as a friend or something in the game when I do make a character.