Here’s a quick list of the Net Movies I’ve been following pretty closely.

Red vs Blue – This is a great show filmed in Halo. Over the seasons it’s fun to see how the Machinima improves and changes. It’s also full of fun one liners.

My boyfriend even bought me my first set of RvB videos and I followed up with the latest videos because well Season 8: Revelation was just friggin AWESOME! I love their addition of custom animation to the standard game. It really made the movie stand out. That and the characters always crack me up.

The Guild – Here’s another set of found only on the net videos that is about games. The clincher with this show is that it’s live action. Though most of you already know all about this one, I’ll add some background anyway. This show is about a guild where everyone lives pretty close together, and about all of the interesting things that happen out of game for these characters.

Yeah there’s some slow parts but for the most part this show cracks me up. Clara is probably my favorite character, I mean who else would have a +10 to Intelligence squid hat. You have to see it.

Legend of Neil – OK, this series is very rude, very crude and cracks me up. This set of shows is pretty much up to level of crudity.

In this series a guy does some naughty things and ends up playing Link in the Legend of Zelda. What happens to him once he gets into the game, well let’s just say that this is a show that’s totally NSFW, but is hilarious in it’s own crude way.

I’m sure there’s more out there, but these are the most polished videos I’ve found so far. I’d love to see more but I haven’t really found many of them. If you know of more, I’d love the links.

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