I played LotRO wow, about a year ago, and since I dropped out of the scene I didn’t notice that LotRO went free to play recently. When I found that out I figured it would be a great way for me and my Mom to get a chance to have in game fun again without dealing with a monthly payment. I mean don’t get me wrong I’m not for or against subscription based services. Being the general slacker that I am, ok that and the fact that I just finished doing some more work and it’s 2am, that’ll tell you that I’m not planning on getting my money’s worth out of a subscription based MMO until I’m in a retirement home.

I wonder if anyone has included monthly gaming fees in their retirement plans?

Thing is though that a game for me and Mom has to have fishing because we’re in game anglers (hey I AM a slacker here, no better way to laze around than to find a nice fishing hole, in game or out). A free game is optimal. The big clincher though is whether the game would run on laptops and even over wireless connections. Since I’m not expecting to get into any raiding whatsoever, I don’t really care if my connection drops or bottlenecks a bit because my neighbors are hogging the line with illegal movie downloads.

Supposedly everyone does it, I just get netflix.

I was skeptical if LotRO could meet those requirements. When I’d last played the game a year ago it took forever to install and lets face it, if I didn’t have my pumped up gaming rig I probably would have had issues running the game. You see LotRO is a visually stunning game, there’s no two ways about it. When you can crank up the graphics, it’s beautiful to behold. Downside though is that it takes forever to get all those assets loaded on your system, it takes a lot of bandwidth just to transmit, and since I was running Vista at the time, it also meant that I needed a nice beefy video card to get the most out of the game.

Well these days my gaming needs have changed pretty radically. I still have my desktop, but I don’t want to be strapped to a desk just to play a game. I love laptops because they give me the freedom to take my computer anywhere I go, so long as signal and the battery hold out.

That kind of freedom comes with a price. Not all laptops are meant to handle resource heavy graphics found in the top MMO’s. You should have seen my Vaio trying not to choke while I was playing WoW on it.

LotRO though, at least the standard download, seems to be ok. At least for now. I pushed a hobbit to level 5 and my machine didn’t lag or croak so I think LotRO will work out for me and my Mom.

LotRO has changed a lot since I last played it. I’d like to say that I’d be digging into those but really I know I’m just going to end up slacking off on the Brandywine bridge telling jokes, using the /handstand emote, and of course, catching fish.

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