OK so I’ve been in Myst Online most of this week and except for my short dive into Guild Wars I’ve been pretty focused on that.

It’s been frustrating but fun really. While there’s still some stumpers to work around last night proved to be fun and productive. Redshiftflux and I each pushed through the solo beginning instance and moved on to a second puzzle. The solo deal was pretty easy to get started, had a nifty kind of cut scene element, and was only mildly annoying to complete. Mildly annoying means running around like a headless chicken trying to find the last doohickies. OK and getting some help from Redshift made things go a lot faster.

The second spot we went to looked like an Ewok’s version of a hippy haven with huge mushroom buildings. It does have a neato bucket system though that you can set of the lever, jump up into and giggle incessantly as you get a free ride to the next spot. Ok Ok so I’m the only one giggling but hey I thought it was really neat and yeah, totally the kind of thing I’d love to get away with in real life. Redshift knew I was up to something because I’d been too quiet, but I think he got a good laugh when I was dumped out of the bucket at the end of the ride. I know I did.

While the puzzles can get frustrating, the one thing I do really like about Myst Online is that it has lots and lots of stuff to click on. Oh yeah, buttons to push, levers to pull, and all kinds of whining cranky machinery that complies when you goof around with the toys.

What can I say I can be very easily impressed… sometimes.

I’m looking forward to getting a chance to get some more time in and get some more puzzles solved. Hmmmm or at least get a chance to dink with some more clickies and find some cool abandoned books. All of the above works for me.

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