I have to say that while I stopped playing Guild Wars wow about a year ago I think, it’s fun to step back into it every once in a while. It’s neat to see what’s changed and to just romp around on my own for a little bit.

The think I loved about Guild Wars was the fact that it was a very solo friendly game. OK sure I grouped for missions, but for just getting from place to place I usually just brought along the happy helpers that stood around at the gates waiting for the poor schmos that just didn’t want to group with anyone.

Sure the NPC party add ons usually died a lot quicker, and tended to get stuck on stuff, but hey, they were loyal and they did their thing. They didn’t want to chat about this game or that game. They didn’t want to discuss what happend during school that day (*sigh of relief*). They didn’t ask if I wanted a boyfriend or if they could have my phone number. No these guys just played out their role and when I didn’t need them any longer I could just kick them out of the group, no hard feelings.

Hey after I’d started my MMO experiences off playing World of Warcraft, it was nice to take a break and try out a game that required a lot less grouping. OK and also involved the ability to use the skeleton of the enemy to fight it’s friends. That is just awesome.

My interest in Guild Wars kind of subsided though by the time WoTLK had been announced. That among other reasons that I don’t want to go into lead to me dropping Guild Wars after only experienceing Prophecies.

I’d picked up the two other games, and even a second copy of the other games for my then significant other. Really though it kind of breaks the 4th wall when you spend the entire gaming experience acting as tech support.

I haven’t had the heart to uninstall the game from my machine yet. I didn’t remove any of my characters and in fact ended up with new slots. Really it’s also one of the few games where I feel like I have a “main” that I like to log into when I do bounce into the game.

Yesterday I did just that, bouncing back into the game to get a couple of screen shots for a post. I even spent a little time just before bed unlocking M.O.X. and getting a chance to use a hero for the first time. I also picked up the quests to push Strangling Ivy, my tiny green Necromancer out into the other two game zones. I particularly wanted to unlock Nightfall for her so that I can start collecting some more heroes.

Will I start playing Guild Wars again frequently? Probably not, since there are so many other games that already have me engrossed right now and some other projects that I’d like to undertake. Though the nice thing about Guild Wars, is that it’s there and when I choose to jump back into it I can. I don’t have to go through the re-sub hassle, I don’t have to download gigs and gigs of patch content that I’ll probably never see, I just log in, kill some stuff, and log off again.

I have to admit that It makes for an awesome side game for those days when I just want a break from everything else. I just can’t bring myself to make it my main game.

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12 years ago

Hmmm, I think that’s one thing I like about STO. Basically you can commission a series of officers who work as your senior crew. You can name them and customize their appearance. Then if you put them in leadership roles they often give reports and perspectives on current missions.

The best part about it is when you do the ground content, you already have a full party of fully customized helper NPCs. I think this is one reason why I find the game so utterly engrossing.