Random Question – What does ‘Making It’ mean as an MMO blogger?

Syp of Bio Break linked over to an article Massively posted up today (Link). So Massively asked some pretty prominent dudes in the MMO blogsphere some interesting questions about MMO blogging. The questions look into just where bloggers fit into the bigger picture of the MMO culture.

The questions that Massively asked were not the kind of fair I expected to see. None of the typical blogger questions were present. The stuff I expected to see like “how do you find stuff to write about” or “how do you deal with obnoxious comments”, were not present. Instead the questions seemed to hint at a bigger role that MMO bloggers have when it comes to their readers and the MMO’s they write about.

Here’s the questions found in the article (Link):

  • A common myth about gaming bloggers is that they all want to eventually become game designers one day. Do you feel this is either true for you, or MMO bloggers in general?
  • Do you feel that your role as a blogger doubles as an “unofficial” community manager?
  • What methods have been most effective for you in reaching out to game developers?
  • What do you feel are the key differences between bloggers and major MMO news sites?
  • A game developer invites you to take an all-expense-paid trip to visit their studio and review their upcoming MMO. They promise a free copy of the game and lifetime account, as well. Would you do the review? Explain why or why not.

From these questions one can almost paint us bloggers as MMO vigilanties. We don’t have editors, we don’t have deadlines and we don’t have the pressure of maintaining hits for advertisers (for the most part).

As solo or even small team bloggers we have flexibiltiy that bigger game sites just don’t have. We can choose to participate in the latest game or avoid it. We can choose to write reviews or we can leave them to the bigger sites. We ‘can’ even go off topic once in a while though granted that never helps us much.

Ok, wall of text aside, let’s get to the heart of the matter, so just what does ‘Making It’ as an MMO blogger really entail? Do you know you’ve made it when you are contacted by or when you are in touch with the folks that work on your game of choice? Have you hit the top when you’ve got a small army of readers behind you?

Perhaps ‘Making It’ as a blogger just means that the opinions you write are shared by those who leave comments on your posts. That would pretty much mean that ‘Making It’ as a blogger has a lot to do with how much influence you, your blog, and that blog’s community, have and how that influence can impact the MMO’s that community participates in.

Perhapse making it as an MMO blogger is actually more about making it as an MMO blog. In that sense, the community that follows a blog is just as important if not even more important than the person posting the wall of text.

Sure it would be neat to be ‘net famous’ as Scary always likes to say. Though I’ve got to say that if even one or two of the things I’ve posted here, or some of the other good ideas or reccomendations I’ve seen on other blogs are actually implimented in game, then you know, to me that would definitely outweigh some of the personal glory.

For those of you that visit MMO blogs and those that have your own MMO blogs, what’s your take on it? What do you think ‘Making It’ means for an MMO blog and or an MMO blogger?


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12 years ago

I do appreciate that they are looking at the larger MMO blogosphere to discuss how they may feel about these objectives.
But, it seems to paint these bloggers in a bigger light than they deserve. Keen for example, who blogs in the hopes to get free gaming and does not care that his words may be leaning toward the love of a game and pushing people to buy it, yet the next day he may hate that same game. He talks to get what he wants and that is it.

Finally I was disappointed that they did not hold up and wait for some female MMO bloggers to also jump on board to have a more wide ranging discussion…I mean …this makes the MMO blogosphere look all Male.

Myself, I was notorious for attacking bloggers who talked out of both sides of their mouth, and being quite open about my opinions…but now that I discuss my games in general, my traffic is low.
MMO blogging is for those who know how to stir the pot.
For the rest of us, it is a way to talk about the games we enjoy. Traffic or not. I have no other “intentions” except to write about what I love.


12 years ago

I thought “making it” was just another way of saying “rumpy pumpy”?

If anyone stumbles across my blog and get a laugh out of something I put up there, cool. If not, whatever.

I don’t even really take my reviews or first impressions all that seriously – which I know irritates “pros” who think you have to have all your facts straight or need to use precise jargon for a given game. I’m not getting paid to do it, I’m not trying to get a job in the gaming industry or anything related to what I’m writing – it’s an outlet.

12 years ago

I feel I made it when my blog gets me laid. When a hot girl comes up to me, and goes. “Oh my god your video game blog got me all hot..do me now!!!”

Then I will stand at the top of the mountain and proclaim my awesomeness.

As for Scary being famous…yeah in a 2 girls and a cup kind of way. Actually on youtube there might be reactions to Scary’s blog. 😛

12 years ago

Sry it took me a while to read this. Yeah I directed the cup thing. That makes me famous or gross. Both are cool.

Massively didn’t interview me in fear of real answers.

12 years ago

I don’t know what makes a blogger “successful.” Being popular? Being useful? Entertaining?

It’s a freakin hobby. A social hobby. Something you do with spare time. You could be blogging, or you could be playing guitar hero with your friends or going to a scrapbooking club. As for the desire to help others in the community, that’s like writing up your church’s newsletter, volunteering to organize the bake sale, etc.

So I find it odd to be talking about “making it” as a blogger. It’s like “making it” as a guitar hero player. Omg, I’ve “made it” as a scrapbooker! Or I organized the best bake sale evar!

If you blog to be “important”, you’re missing the boat.

12 years ago

It’s really hard to say. I guess it depends on what your goals with the blogging are.

There are several wow blogs which have a lot bigger audience than I have, but nevertheless I’m very proud and happy with what I have – readers who keep commenting on the posts, keeping up the discussion and the atmosphere in my blog, making it a populated and enjoyable place. I think my biggest measure of success is that feel that I’ve found my own blogging voice. I have fun blogging!

Then there are of course ranking lists and stuff… I try to not take it too seriously. There are so many ways of designing them. Nevertheless I can’t refrain myself from bragging a little. When I found out this I was truly shocked. I never could have imagined. No idea how they come tho the conclusion, but I enjoy it as long as it lasts!


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