I’m pretty excited. Not only did I get a night in game (Fallen Earth), but I actually managed to get stuff done.

I’m finally up to using an actual Rifle. Not just the crossbows. The crossbows are awesome, and for right now I’m holding onto it as a back up. Really though, the rifle makes a huge difference in the fact that there isn’t as much lag time between hits due to re-loading which can be kind of annoying when you’re using a single shot weapon like the crossbow.

Right now I’m using the base crafted rifle which is a sniper rifle. I totally love it. Most things so far need 2 or 3 shots and they’re out.  The rifle I have now is just a bolt action with a clip which holds 7 rounds. This means I can get off 7 shots before having to spend critical combat time reloading a weapon. In a game of whoever kills faster lives, it’s pretty helpful when you’re able to reduce any time sucks possible.

In reality though I’m still getting myself killed either because I backed into something or I was looking at the chat panel, you know the usual dumb stuff I do. Not even the rifle helps me very much in those situations.

The only downside to the rifle is the Heavy Rifle ammo it requires. This ammo type takes more components to slap together some rounds than the Light Pistol ammo I’d been throwing together previously. That and both types of ammo require more components than the 2 components required for the crossbow (which is why I’m keeping it as a backup.)

Now I’m going to have to boost Geistig’s geological skills, which I’ve been holding out on doing. Really I just haven’t wanted to spend the chips on the books. Since I figured out that making books is just as good as buying books, I’m going with that route. That makes getting the books I need to be well rounded in mining a lot more palatable. It does take more time to make the books than it takes to buy them, that’s the gotcha. Thing is though when you queue up craftables and log off for the night, the wait is totally bearable.

Speaking of the crafting queue (which is absolutely brilliant by the way), I did manage to get up enough chips to get the new mount crafted. I decided to go with the cargo mount over the combat mount. My reasoning is this, if I’m already using almost half my carrying capacity just to carry the now 3 types of ammo I want to lug around, I’m gonna need some extra cargo room somewhere.

That and when you compare the stats of the combat mount to the tier one generalized mount I already have (which wasn’t changed to a specialized mount by the last patch), it seemed kind of silly to pick up the combat mount. Sure it had better range and more stamina than my lower tier general mount, but it actually has less cargo slots. Remember, my tier one general mount was made BEFORE the recent patch which specialized mounts. That means it doesn’t carry a whole lot, but you’re able to fire your gun between it’s ears and it’s totally ok with that.

I figure if it turns out that I need a mount I have to fire from, I’ll just pull out my pretty brown tier one mount. Otherwise, I’ll go with a mount that can haul all of the crafting supplies I’m constantly stopping to nab. I’m also not too worried about getting off my mount before getting into combat anyway. I mostly end up wasting ammo and time just trying to get the mob into a position where I can hit them effectively and efficiently. So hopping down to get a shot off doesn’t bug me much. What really bugs me is having my bags full of crafting materials.

Speaking of crafting I’m pretty much addicted to crafting in Fallen Earth. Right now only 3 items on Geistig are quest rewards (shoes, shoulders, crossbow). Everything else is crafted. Granted the goggles are a hand me down from Redshiftflux, but the rest of the craftables came from Geistig’s queue.

Don’t get me wrong the crafting still has some annoying sides like spending an entire day searching for places to find one type of wood. That and I have yet to find one scrap of glass or plastic on anything. Really though that part just kind of adds to the realism of the game just a tad. I’m pretty sure that in a real apocalypse scenario there would be things that’d be harder to find than others. At that point it’d be down to scavenger’s patience or just making do. So while I could get all whiny about it, I won’t because it makes sense. At least not yet. Should I get to the point where I absolutely need something and can’t find the parts anywhere, I’m sure I’ll start to get pretty crabby.

Really though the best part of crafting is that I’m able to use the stuff that I make at my level. Sometimes I do have to boost armor or my weapon skills a bit to get a chance to use something really neat. At least I am able to do that then and there (if I have the skill points available). It’s not like having an awesome chest piece sitting in your bags for 6 levels (only to be replaced 2 hours after finally equipping it). I’m also able to find components for everything that I need to make. Though there are some things I’d like to make that I can’t get all the components for, those missing parts haven’t been a deal breaker for me so far.

On a side note though most of the more common components can be purchased from vendors. So if it turns out that I’m short one piece of this or that, Billy Bob NPC is more than willing to help me get the last item I need so I can get the item made. It’s always pretty frustrating to not be able to make something because you’re only missing one piece of one component. Not you mention the fact that Fallen Earth’s crafting can get pretty complex, so it’d be beyond frustrating to end up missing one part after you’ve already used up all of the components on making the 4 components required to finally make the friggin’ rifle.

OK wrapping things up, I’m sitting at level 11 and now working on “Fallen Earth, Week 3”. I’d have to say that I’m actually still enjoying it. The quests are still pretty fun. Sure there’s still the “kill x of y” quests, but at least they’re well interspersed with “find this stuff for me” or “go threaten that guy with a shot” hehehe. Just enough to keep life interesting. I mean in how many other games are you sent out to destroy a camp of baddies by not only killing the mobs but then destroying the tent they were hanging out in. Honestly though I wish I’d had more grenades on me, that would have made the tent destruction a LOT more fun hehehe.

Right now though I’m still taking my sweet time leveling. Thing is that with a level cap at 45 or so, I also don’t feel like there’s an endless grind ahead of me. Whether or not that actually turns out to be the case? Well that may be a bridge I’ll have to blow up when I get to it. For now though, I’m just enjoying my current pace. Hey, I am a slacker after all.

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