Free Games aren’t Free

It really does crack me up every time I see folks complaining about how “expensive” Free to Play games can be. The game wasn’t free to make, they have to get money from somewhere. They know they won’t be able to sell the game if they sell you equipment (besides that’s what e-bay is for). Instead they add in gotcha’s that nickle and dime you out of mounts, bigger bag space, and other little niceties that make the game more fun or are just appealing. This way they can make enough money to keep the servers live, provide customer service, and hopefully add new content.

Yeah you didn’t have to PAY for these things in a pay to play. Difference is though that you spent half your life online doing quests, crafting, grinding for gold, or raiding to earn those items. The reason being that the longer it took you to get what you wanted, the more time you’d spend subscribed to the game. The longer you stayed subscribed the more the company made.

It’s all gotcha’s people. This is how they make enough money to keep the servers live. Granted sometimes they go too far. That’s when you let you’re money do the talking and stop paying & playing. Money talks and it’s an international language.

Thing is that with Free to Play games, you’re also “Free to Pay”. You don’t have to spend money on the cash shop if you don’t want to. If you think the game isn’t playable without those items and you don’t think it’s worth dropping the cash, it may be time to exercise your freedom to play something else.


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12 years ago

It’s like gambling. You’re paying small little amounts over and over, it all adds up. It’s a dirty little trick to make you pay more and more even if you don’t really realize you are.

I prefer the month subscription because I know how much I’m going to pay. 🙂

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