Well I didn’t log into Fallen Earth last night. Not because I don’t want to play Fallen Earth, but because I didn’t want to play anything. I didn’t really want to do anything.

I’d needed a night to slack off and decompress. Life has been… interesting… lately. Last night was no exception. So instead of logging into the game I just made up some munchies and perused YouTube for some Machinima fun.

I watched some Illegal Danish by Myndflame which always cheers me up. Then I figured I wanted to see if there were any fan vids on Tex from Red vs Blue. Not sure what the inspiration was behind that, but I did find an interesting video set to a song written for Tex.

She’s one of my favorite characters on Red vs Blue since she’s the most take charge “guy” on the “Blue” team. That and she’s not a “girl girl”. I’ve heard that before and it cracks me up every time.

I didn’t make the video, but I like it and figured I’d share. If you’re not a country music person you might not dig it, but it’s an interesting story and tune. Not to mention that it’s just fun watching Tex blow up, beat up, and blow away all the boys.

Tex is right up there with one of the female characters in cinema and gaming that stand out by either being tough as nails or just 100% themselves.

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