I should probably just change my name to Creep the Spaz… It turns out that the Developers of Fallen Earth do have some ideas in mind for EVENTUALLY setting up respecs in Fallen Earth. At least according to the LifeNet podcast where they’re chatting with Lee Hammock (Linky).

Keep in mind though, it’s not something on the road map right now, it’s just something that they’d like to do eventually.

The best part of the podcast though wasn’t so much the discussions of what exist or what may eventually exist, but really how at least Hammock feels about game changes. I was actually impressed by Hammock’s statement at the end of the interview. Though there are changes that they’d like to make to the core of the game, they’re holding off on doing so because of the way it would impact people and their current set ups.


So instead of saying “we’ll just change it and the players can deal” they’re taking customer satisfaction into account by saying “yeah we want these changes but we’re not going to risk borking existing characters to do that”.

Evidently the developers have also noticed that there are people re-rolling as well. Thing I didn’t realize is that it sounds like it’s not so much people who aren’t enjoying top level play as much as it’s folks who are re-rolling to create very strict pvp builds.

Not being much into pvp, I couldn’t give a prairie chicken feather about whether or not my character can stand up against another player’s character. I just enjoy roaming out in the wilds and knocking off NPC’s. Why? Because the game is more real to me that way, it’s more alive.

Good news for me, I may not have totally ruined Geistig after all. Which would be really nice. Guess in the end we’ll have to see though, heh.

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