Though my goal in mind originally for this evening was not to play Fallen Earth at all, I’m not going to give myself a hard time over that. I’d also really wanted to work on some mob grinding so that I could make enough cash to pick up the tier 2 mount.

Somehow though I wandered off to do whatever, which is what I usually end up doing whenever I end up playing by myself hehe. Trust me it’s not a bad thing. Sometimes I just need to get lost.

So instead of grinding anything I could one shot and hauling back the lewts for cash, I ended up searching around for Scavenged Wood, which isn’t the easiest thing to find. I finally found enough to put together my first real rifle.

Of course I’m also a ninny and didn’t read the specs on what kind of ammo it takes and now I’m working on making and hopefully using the books that’ll let me make heavy gunpowder. Yeah Heavy Rifle Ammo requires Heavy Gunpowder. Then again I could have read it wrong, but I’m not too worried about it. At least this way I’ll have learned three tiers in gunpowder production and that’s not going to hurt me one bit.

The whole point of making the rifle will be to make it that much easier to start knocking off baddies and hopefully make enough to finally pick up the last component I need to make the next tier of horsey.

Since the last patch they made a change to the mounts which kind of tweaked things up a little. Horses break out into two categories, combat and cargo. A combat mount doesn’t carry as much or go as far on a sack of grain, but you can fire a weapon from a combat mount.

Since I’m doing a ranged thing, using a combat mount would mean that I wouldn’t have to dismount if I’m ambushed so that’s a bonus. Thing is that I still have to avoid shooting my horse in the head and it’s not super easy to maneuver a horse to get into firing position. At least not for me because I’m a slacker. So while it is nice to be able to fire from the mount, I’m not sure if the combat allowance is worthwhile for me.

Personally I’ve found that I run out of cargo space and carrying capacity pretty quickly. Since I’m not boosting my strength type abilities in order to beat things melee style, I’m a bit of a lightweight. To me this says that maybe having a ride that can offload stuff to as I’m making my rounds would be a wiser choice. Really one of the main reasons I’m going for a new mount is that I’d like to have more slots to place stuff in. I’ve found that if nothing else it’s nice to store all of my tradeskill kits on my mount since hey, I can just swap them out when I need them. Otherwise they’re all back at town.

At this point I’m not too worried about building and using motorized transports because I haven’t seen the components required to make the gas. With the horses, I’m now up to the level where I can scavenge what I need to keep the silly thing fed. That saves me some cash in the long run. Also horses are able to rest and regenerate their energy just a little bit at a time. I don’t think that vehicles are able to restore gas, that wouldn’t really make sense.

I did choose the atv during my sub and I tried it out. I didn’t really fall in love with it. For me it’s not as responsive as the horse is. When I take my finger off the key, it stops. Simple as that. Driving the vehicles however is just a little more complex and while it would be kickin’ to ride around on a motorcycle, for now the horse just seems a lot more efficient. Bleh, just like in real life.

Meh maybe someday I’ll get the hang of it or maybe I won’t. Either way, I’m not stressing it right now. I mean I’m still just level 10, hehe. I was really close to hitting 11 tonight after going on a killing spree, maybe tomorrow!

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