I’ve got a strong feeling that I have borked Geistig, my character in Fallen Earth. This of course totally bums me out.

Thing is that I hadn’t taken mutations into consideration, which is something that isn’t really well outlined in the game since you don’t get mutations until level 17 or so.

Meh well I figure I’ll focus on Rifles over Pistols since I seem to do the most damage with those. That and usually Savvy’s running out ahead of my chopping down anything at arms length so ranged seems to works as a good compliment to that.

I would like to try out one of the mutations, but I guess if nothing else I can always do-over and roll a new character. While I does make me angry that I can’t swap out the points to fix mistakes I may have made while figuring out just what I wanna do, I have to say it’s not all bad.

The upside is that I’m probably not the only one that’s borked their toon and chances are I won’t be the last. While this may mean that some folks will just walk away from the game in a huff, others may re-roll. Funny part is that in doing that you have people in the noob zone and sometimes you have experienced folks in the noob zones.

To me, when trying out a game, on of the selling points for a game is how many other folks I see actually playing the game. So far in Fallen Earth I’ve seen a lot of folks running about around me. To me that just signifies a healthy game with an active population.

In so many top heavy games where everyone just levels to get to the end game then hang out at whatever laggy destination awaits them, there’s no point to going back. The lower levels sit unused and for the most part totally empty.

So while it seems kind of obtuse that the skill trees aren’t more flexible, I’d have to say that I’m ok with that. I mean really, in order to make the whole thing work they’d have to wipe all of the abilities you’d picked up from the trainers. That’d mean having to buy all new books.

Purchasing all new books would be pricey and probably quite a hassle. It’s definitely not the same as going to a trainer and spending 50 gold on a talent re-do.

While it does mean that I’m going to have to be very careful and that chances are the perfectionist in me may whine incessantly, I’d have to say that it’s not a horrible system. I just wish I’d read up a little better and planned a little better before hand to choose just what I want to do with my character. That’s what I get for not reading the ‘fing manual. *facepalms*

Well night!

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12 years ago

Is that what kids are calling it these days? Oh wait, this post isn’t what I thought it was about. :$

This is often a complaint about most MMOs with newer or vaguely documented mechanics. You almost have to be willing to create a throw away character so you can figure out what is ideal then make your real character.

It is disappointing more games don’t have a respec option; not only does it allow people to un-bork their choices (or adjust them if a patch screws everything up) but it’s also a good money sink.

12 years ago

A respec in FE has been rumored for a while, but no one knows what form it will take. A lot of people hit the same problems w/ mutations that you have so I wouldn’t be too worried.

12 years ago

H00ligan! That’s where you’ve been hiding? I thought it was just the new little one keeping you busy 🙂