The thing is I got into playing games in the first place as a chance to make videos. So far I have figured out how to use video capture tools, e-motes, all that stuff. My machine is even pretty well set up for recording and processing video snippets. Sure it’s not a top of the line machine, but hey for an amateur it’s not bad.

Problem is deciding on and paying for video production software. Question is do I want to go with something semi pro, or fully pro. Would the bottom of the line software work ok or do I need something better?

Chances are I also need to work out how to make my video capture smoother too. Yeah that and boosting up the quality of what I capture so that my videos are a little more eye popping. Not that it matters when you’re just going to upload it to YouTube, but it’d be nice to have a polished copy for my own viewing purposes if nothing else.

Then again, I pay for my own hosting, not like I couldn’t link and load better quality stuff, but chances are I’d blow out my hosting limitations hehe.

Regardless of what I end up doing, I’ve really been enjoying producing videos again. In the last week or so I’ve put together a couple of them and I really enjoy the process. I’m just curious if digging into some more sophisticated software would make the process more interesting or just overwhelming.

Back when I was working on creating a Free Realms video I was also working on learning how to produce music at the same time. Safe to say I think that was probably just a bit too much to expect out of myself at one time.

Making your own music is NO easy task. At least when you’re making it from scratch and you’re using a PC not a Mac. Especially when you’re using a Vista PC instead of a Mac hehehe. What can I say I’m a glutton for punishment.

The last couple of videos I made I did use music produced by outside artists. Sadly though, I’d like to use my own music. To me it just seems like cheating to use someone else’s music. That and I end up just arranging the videos to music more than actually setting up a story.

I’m thinking that if I can use something that lets me set up multiple or segmented music tracks that’d be a lot of fun. Not to mention the fact that I’d also really like to be able to have more control over how I stitch together the snippets of video I capture into something a little more polished over all.

Guess I’m just going to have to download some stuff and give it a shot!

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