Ok so back to our regularly scheduled program, me yakking about whatever game I’m currently obsessed with….

Best of all it’s still Fallen Earth.

Here’s me and Redshift testing out the long list of dances available in game:

I’m not sure why but Fallen Earth has been one of those games that has inspired me to capture a lot more video and screen shots than I’ve captured in any game so far besides Free Realms and World of Warcraft.

Sitting here and thinking about it, I’m pretty sure it’s because Fallen Earth is a very unique game world compared to the other games I’ve been playing lately. Sure I’ve logged into some visually stunning worlds with unique elements like Allods, but it didn’t really inspire me very much. Honestly though, it’s kind of hard to feel inspired when you’re two steps from your max frustration threshold.

Yeah Fallen Earth has some issues. Let’s face it, you have an online playground where thousands of people with thousands of different computers are logging in from quite possibly thousands of different places. Add all of that together with the staggering complexity of an MMO game framework and yeah, it’s going to have issues.

This weekend was the first time I’ve seen tweaky issues in Fallen Earth. Regardless, the bugs I did see this weekend were NOT enough to turn me off to the game, really they made for some kickin’ screenshots, like so:

I’m not totally sure if it was a recent patch, or if there were just a lot more users on this weekend. To me it did seem like there were more folks this weekend than last weekend, but I was also in the noob zones last weekend so that makes it a little difficult to judge. I can say however that considering the fact that it’s Valentine’s day weekend, that’s pretty funny.

Happy Valentines day! Now get out there and f some stuff up!

Now that’s how the holiday should be observed. Remember kids, the family that slays together, stays together. Just keep it in game.

Speaking of games, the rest of Fallen Earth seems pretty solid. Yeah the gun crafting is complex, but it’s an MMO, it’s gonna be complex. Only difference is that at least I can actually USE the stuff I’m crafting as I make it. In most games it’s pretty difficult if not impossible to keep crafting up to a useful level. That is unless you’re not too worried about, I dunno, leveling your character.

I can harp all day on the things about the crafting system that I do like. Including the fact that my character has probably gained enough xp for a level maybe two just on crafting alone. So, yeah I like it and it’s actually a useful part of ‘life’ in Fallen Earth which is just how I’d imagine a post apocalyptic life would run. In a survival situation being a jack of all trades is going to make life a little bit easier than being a master in nothing that you can use on a day to day basis.

As for my character? Well I’m still enjoying the gun totieness. I’m up to crafting rifles so hopefully I’ll get all of the materials together to swap out my crossbow for my rifle soon enough. I should also upgrade my pistols to an automatic that opened up for me, but the crossbow is a bit of a priority. Regardless though I still have to gather everything I need and one component in particular is hiding out from me.

I’m debating working on medic as well, not up to the level of my pistol/rifle combo, but at least high enough that I can use some of the healing skills once in a while. It also seems to have a lot of the requirements that my pistol/rifle combo already takes advantage of. I’ll have to check in with the Medic trainer to see if what can be done there.

Would this combo make me into a gun toting paladin? Heck no, that much fortitude gets on my nerves. I kind of like being squishy but lethal.

Sadly the game kind of has a ‘grown up’s Free Realms’ feel to it. Just with cursing, booze and drugs. You still have medics, you still have brawlers, you still have archers. Only difference is that you actually have to look out for red dots, you have to watch your ammo, and you don’t have to swap out for your skills.

So far I’m really enjoying the “no class” system. I mean really there’s nothing about Fallen Earth that “has” class and that’s probably what I LOVE about it the most. Hey I still think Tank Girl is one of my personal heroines, so…. yeah that should tell you everything you need to know.

I’m enjoying the fact that I can build up my character any way I choose. Sure I know chances are the freedom may well be the death of my character (ie I invest points incorrectly and totally bork her). Thing is, I’m willing to give it a shot. Fortunately the Fallen Earth team has build in the templates that show you were you can invest points for the kind of things you want to do, so that’s been helpful.

Right now I’m just enjoying doing my own thing. If it means that I’ll be useless later on in the game, so be it. At least for now I get to rush into a dungeon with two pistols blazin’ and let me tell  you, there’s a real thrill to that!

How long with Fallen Earth maintain my attention? Who knows. For now though, I’m seizing the game and loving it.

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