Soooo…. I’m 4 days into my 10 day trial of Fallen Earth and yeah I’m getting totally hooked.

I never thought I’d like a more first person shooter style game but let’s face it, getting off a successful head shot and watching the mob go flying backwards… priceless.

I’ve been running with Redshift aka Savvy quite a bit and that’s been a blast. He’s much higher level and tends to one shot everything. While I’d love to get a chance to take things out more often myself, I can say that it’s been very amusing to watch him on a killing spree. It’s like ballet but with greater quantities of blood. I by the way like ballet (which is ok because I’m not a dude).

I did however get a chance to knock out some quests solo last night and I can’t thank Redshift enough for getting me into crafting and giving me some tips on which areas induce more damage when hit. In Fallen Earth crafting really can mean the difference between taking stuff out and spending half your night in the cloning capsule. That and impacting the head (head shot) means the difference between a glancing blow and knocking the mob down to 75% health before they come running for blood. Oh yeah, heh and picking up additional abilities which strengthen or give more utility to your fighting style. For instance I’d been a moron and hadn’t hit up the combat trainer to pick up some rifle/pistol based combat skills that have made a big difference in my damage output.

Case in point, I had to complete and ambush quest and ended up dying 3 times trying to get it knocked out. There were only two guys, but my squishy ranged distance setup wasn’t a match for two dudes with blades. Talk about frustrating. Being the stubborn twit I am I knew I HAD to beat those guys. Yeah I could have bugged Redshift to give me a hand and laugh mercilessly as the blade dancers fell to a quick demise. Let’s face it though, after being face planted 3 times a girl’s gotta stick up for herself. Otherwise I wouldn’t really feel like I won.

Fortunately I had two pistols in the works and ended up crafting a jacket upgrade. Since I’d spent most of the night digging through garbage and knocking off cloth bearing zombies, the crafting wasn’t a big deal.

Throwing on the new jacket and side arms I went back to the same quest giver to try out the ambush quest one last time. I mean last time too because I did it, I took on the two guys with nothing but a couple of revolvers and made it happen. Keep in mind that I did also pick up the Gunfighter stance and used Pistol Whip along with just the weapons, but this time it was enough.

The tricky part is I’m going dual in that I’m going with a half Pistol half rifle setup. I use the rifle for true range (mostly when running with Redshift). I had always planned on using the pistols for close up action. When running solo mobs will usually come at you once you hit them with the ranged weapons unless they’re rolling ranged as well, which is always sweet. Here’s where it gets tricky. There’s a stance for rifle and a stance for pistol. This means hitting the mob with a ranged attack, swapping stances and weapons as they run up, and pistol whipping them when they arrive.


Yeah it’s a funky combo and I’m probably noobing it up, but it’s been an interesting combo and I’m looking forward to testing it out as I keep going. Chances are as I improve my rifle skill, I’ll be able to pick off folks before they get close enough to require use of shorter range weapons. But I can’t really say yet. After all I haven’t hit level 8 yet. I know dragging my feet as usual, but I’m having fun crafting, digging though garbage and annoying the prairie chickens.

Now it looks like I’m about ready to move out of Odinville and move on to the next town. I do need to clear out a few more quests first though, and maybe spend one more night crafting some armor upgrades. I would like to boost my gear up as high as I can before moving on to tougher mobs.

Of course the awesome thing about Fallen Earth is that I can go out and dig through trash or pull weeds, even craft, and still actually level my character. This alone takes the game to a whole new level. I don’t feel like I’m putting my character’s progression on hold while I spend a night crafting weapons upgrades and enough ammo to keep me alive in a fight.

Otherwise I might end up like this guy:

No one likes to be left hangin’…. ahem… bad joke I know.

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