It’s been, oh dunno about a month or so since I logged into an MMO. Over the last couple of weeks though, I’ve really felt like I missed being in game. Any game. Problem is I just didn’t want to get back into any of the games I’ve played so far.

My friend Savvy has been checking out Fallen Earth and sent me a couple e-mails telling me about his experience crafting and just playing the game. It sounded really unique and pretty fun so I figured hey, if I feel like I need to play a game, might as well try something totally different.

I’ve been totally enjoying the game so far. I know only 2 days in and level 5 but there’s a lot about the game that makes it just, well, fun.

First off I get to shoot things. Yeah I could do that in a lot of games, but not with the sort of “in the cross hairs”, first person shooter style blasty goodness. And oh yes, it is goodness. When you can one shot something with a crossbow, life is good. Now there’s a motivational poster for ya.

Next up is the crafting. So far I’m digging the crafting. In Fallen Earth, you can start crafting from go and actually make stuff that you can use as then and there. None of this making 15 breast plates to get up to a level where you can actually use what you produce. In most games crafting is more like working in a sweat shop than anything else. I was actually impressed with the fact that my crafting leveled really quickly and yeah I’m even able to dye my gear so I can wear all black in game too. Ok well the duster’s still brown but I’m getting close.

Geistig 4.0 heh

Oh yeah, that and collecting trade mats actually levels your character. This of course is friggin’ awesome. It means that your not wasting time running around collecting materials for crafting and not have enough time for working on quests.

You also don’t choose a “class” when you set up your character. You log into the game and you build your class. Fortunately for folks like me that tend to bork their character, there are handy templates to use. ALSO the the ability boosting system isn’t so ridiculously complex that you feel like you need an 80 page manual to figure out “hey if I wanna shoot guns, I put points into the gun skills”.

Really the best thing about Fallen Earth is that it’s not a game for kiddies. There’s foul language, dead bodies, drugs and weapons. It’s based in a setting where civilization is in ruins. Where more people are riding horses than operating vehicles. Where you craft your own ammo if you really wanna use that hand gun. And where making your own armor isn’t a waste of time because you’re not getting handouts from the sob’s you’re doing work for and prairie chickens don’t drop helmets.

I love it, I love it so much.

So far I’ve been enjoying myself a lot more in this game than I have in a lot of the games I’ve picked up recently. Good company has a lot to do with that, but Fallen Earth definitely has a grungy appeal that I find fascinating. I can’t wait to see more.

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12 years ago

Welcome to the apocolypse!
I’m on an MMO break right now, but it won’t be long until I’m back in FE.