The Day Before Christmas!

Hey Everybody! So it’s the day before Christmas and I get some time off. Wooooo! Yeah I didn’t post yesterday because I was pretty tired. I ended up comming home and passing out. It happens sometimes.

On Tuesday night though I did get a chance to jump back in Alganon, and I’ll probably do that a little bit more over my short little work repreve.

Hopefully I’ll get some time in on Paladin in WoW too.

I know I said “No more fantasy games”. But my Mom plays WoW and I like hanging out with her so back to WoW on that note. Ok and I have some really good friends that play there too.

Oh and I got a mailer from Runes of Magic with a goodie in it. I should probably log in and snag that while I can.

Dang… I gotta lot to do!

pps: thanks goes to Redshift for doctoring up the above photo for me, ok and standing still long enough to help me get the picture.


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