I’ve notice that some folks have been landing here looking for info on Death Knight Dual Wielding. I still love the concept of Dual Wielding DK’s. It’s awesome to have options and it’s annoying when options are taken away for whatever reason.

For the past few patches I hadn’t seen much that meant Dual Wielding was viable, but that seems to have changed in WoW’s latest patch 3.3. If you take a look at the Elitest Jerks forum there’s a Dual Wield tanking build posted (Link).  There’s also a couple of Dual Wielding DPS builds over at Skeleton Jack’s blog (Link).

Oh and I forgot to add, keep in mind that these builds are viable in the latest patch as of this post which is currently 3.3. That means no promises on what’ll happen in the next patch etc.

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13 years ago

Wooohooo! Your back!

Sorry if it’s been a while since posting here, my computer died and when I got it back this site was down so I tought you were gone… I was a sad panda.

Anyways! Glad to see your still here. I’ve restarted my blog too with better safety not to get it hacked again.

Gareld (aka Lonomonkey)

13 years ago

I love the idea of dual wielding for any class, but last I played(awhile ago) a DW DK was very underwhelming. If I do ever go back to play I think I might focus on my DK cause they are fun to play. Thanks for the links, I’ll be sure to check them out!