I’d received an automated e-mail from Alganon letting me know that there is a trial server up and running for folks that want to give Alganon a test go before subscribing to the game.

I’m thinking I’ll update it and see what changes have been made. I still think there’s a lot of good in the background of Alganon, I just wasn’t too sure about the game it’s self. Really though it’s hard to judge how fun a game is going to be when it’s just stretching it’s wings.

Over time though I want to keep an eye on this one and see how it progresses. I did the same with Free Realms, even Runes of Magic, both are games I beta tested (Free Realms as a closed beta and Runes of Magic during the open beta).

Heh even now I’m watching Allods to see how it progresses. From what I saw from the beta testing of Runes of Magic and Free Realms, Allods Online does look to be another hit right out of the starting gate.

Alganon though, I feel will have a strong following even if it’s not the biggest following. If they keep true to their commitments and vision of the product they’ll have a good game in the long run. Hopefully too with a good cash infusion from going live they’ll be able to add in the classes they weren’t able to add at launch which would really make it stand out (and which were part of the reason I looked into the game in the first place, I’d love to play a Prophet).  Keeping focused on slow growth over time should serve them well. At least I hope so. I really like the concepts behind Alganon, even if I’m it’s quite what I was hoping it would be.

Then again maybe it is, and there were just so many other things pulling my focus away. Only time will tell.

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