So here’s the deal. I read up on the article that Scary wrote up on me. I really haven’t been writing to enjoy writing or enjoying what I’m writing about.

It kind of sucks for the most part. I haven’t really had fun in quite a while.

Yeah I’m one of those crazy people that just has a strange desire to write and actually enjoys writing.

It’s just that lately, I’ve had the urge to write, but really nothing that I wanted to actually write about.

Yeah I could have a really successful blog if I stuck to the sexy topics like DPS and talent trees, etc etc. I’m also the kind of idiot that doesn’t mind going out and trying to figure that kind of stuff out.

You know what though? That stuff isn’t the fun part of the game. Not to mention the fact that since I’m not getting paid to NOT have fun, I should damn well get some enjoyment out of this nonsense.

So for today, here’s a great screenshot from Allods that I took from the Imperial side. Really that soapbox has been begging for someone to stand in it. Oh and the little guy to the left, that was my pet.

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13 years ago

I think of writing a blog like this: if 1 person loves what I write, it is 100% better than a million idiots reading me just to argue over boring regurgitated crap.

The one person that loves what I write is me.