EVE Online: New Corp

I know I usually give out my character names etc in games but for EVE I’m keeping everything under my hat for various reasons. The biggest one is that I’m enjoying the fact is the gender barrier.

At least in my starter Corp, things were pretty much the rudest and crudest I’ve seen in an MMO so far. I mean you’ve got a whole bunch of dudes with no real reason to keep their tongue in check so of course the chat window tended to get just plain wrong at times. Some of it I laughed at and for the most part I’d just ask questions, guide the conversations in new and unique areas and giggle as the boys tried to hit on the only openly female person in the group and constantly get shot down.

Towards the end though, I started to enjoy it. I got to see what mining operations were like and I got a lot of advice on mining, exploring and well just EVE in general. Even though I had a lot of my corp blocked out from time to time, those that where worth keeping off the blocked list were very handy and valuable sources of information. It seems like quite a few folks started their EVE careers in the noob corp (or NPC corps) and just never left. For alts though, it just makes sense.

In my new corp, I’m also going the gender bender route once again and letting them think I’m a dude. Well no one’s asked so I’m not going to volunteer the info. It’s a corp that’s looking into wormhole operations which is something I’d been hoping to get into.

Wormhole operations pretty much mean that I’d be able to use exploration skills to find wormholes and/or my way back out of them as well as mine like crazy. So far these are really the only two aspects of the game I’m interested in. I mean so far my only pvp experience involved getting locked by a day old player in a rookie ship. My drones killed him before I had a chance to call them off, poor bastage.

Despite the fact that I’d really like to get into exploring now that I have a mining barge to support myself, it looks like the corp would prefer that I go ahead and push for an exhumer like the Hulk. I don’t mind too much really since it’ll mean more ISK in the long run. I mine for the corp, the corp gives me monies, what’s not to love.

Well I do miss the creative conversations I’d listen in on back in my old corp, but I really would like to get out into EVE and I don’t think that staying in the NPC corp was really going to get me where I want to go.

Now I just need to get into EVEmon and set up a plan for getting into an Hulk or maybe a Mackinaw.


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