So Redshift linked Allods to me over the weekend. This new MMO goes into closed beta November 11th (lasting through Nov 24th). Not sure how many closed beta keys are floating around out there, but they may be worth getting your hands on if your looking to check out something a little different.

Allods has different written all over it. This will be a Free to Play game that gpotato will be hosting. Allods boasts a fully orchestrated soundtrack as well as motion capture animation which is pretty evident when you get a chance to see some of fight scenes. The most unique part about Allods however is that it’s a Russian MMO. Yeppers, Russian. It’s being translated into English, French and German for release into those markets.

Along with a lot of the standard MMO trappings we all know and love(/loath), players will also be able to obtain and customize player controlled ships. Not just the standard ‘get on boat, load screen, get off boat’, but something that you as a player get to navigate. The ships also seem like they’re going to be an equivalent post leveling activity to folks who aren’t into the traditional ‘end game’ raiding scenario. Because you know, for some of us the idea of setting foot in dungeons with up to 24 jerks so that one of us can walk away with a shiny new piece of armor is about as much fun as watching paint dry. Hey to each their own.

The 1.2 12* Million dollar budget invested in the design and development of Allods online is pretty clear in the videos I’ve already seen. There’s quite a few videos out on YouTube already and it’s obvious that this game already has quite a bit of polish. However this game is essentially a Russian WoW. This is an MMO version of an RPG under the same name released in Russia back in 1997, and the MMO version has been greatly anticipated in that market.

The nice part about having a lot of back history to work with is that you can focus more on the design elements as opposed to focusing on getting together a back story. That and having a proven game under your belt isn’t a bad idea in that you can acquire a bigger budget to work with.

Allods promises a lot but in the past there have been quite a few games that promise a lot of the same things but weren’t able to deliver going live. It’ll be interesting to see if Allods, a Russian title, is able to perform where the US titles with similar budgets and similar goals seemed to lag behind.

Allods Main: Link

*Sorry typo.

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13 years ago

Your comment about raiding made me laugh. You reminded me of how absurd it can be.

I’ll have to check this game out. I’m always interested in MMOs that at least attempt to break from the mold.