I was checking out Alganon today, and wow, it looks interesting. If nothing else here’s a game that caters to more than the PvP or Achiever gamer personalities. I’ll have to check it out and see what it looks like at release, to be sure. Alganon is currently in beta and is currently set for release on October 31, hehe.

Here’s some features that interest me the most:

Studies – offline character development (so I don’t feel like I have to live in the game to get anything done)

Library – an in game wowhead/allakazam/armory/wiki

Families – in game communities built around what appear to be the Bartle gamer types (achiever, explorer, social, pwner, etc).

Dual Role System – note that it isn’t a “dual class” system, but a dual role system (as a big fan of hybrids I like being able to mix it up, it’ll be interesting to see how they’re applying this)

There’s some other aspects of it that’ll be interesting to see, but there’s a lot about the game that has promise. Right now the game only has 4 classes and 2 races while they’re working out the game before they launch with a ton of classes to balance and models to debug. Makes sense to me, Runes of Magic did something similar. Looks also like the developer is more focused on putting out a game that’s fun andworks as opposed to focusing on competing with the big dogs. Can’t fault them there.

The community aspect of Alganon is something I’ll want to watch over time, but really the fact that there’s in game documentation and an explorer track (as opposed to just blast em up and pick through teh lewtz) is something I’d like to see in an MMO. Question is can it be implemented successfully and would it be fun?

Time to wait and see heh. Alganon (LINK)

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12 years ago

I haven’t done much research on Alganon as of yet, but reading this post has inspired me to look into a bit more before halloween 😀

Studies is an intriguing idea…