Me? Well since I’m not 80 yet so no Onyxia for me, well at least not yet. Also the server was pretty friggin’ laggy so instead of waiting 5 minutes for a quest to load we looked for other things to do. In bits and peices I’ve been working on the “Well Read” achievement and now I’m only 3 books away.

Yep that mean getting into Scholomance. I’m thinking that at around 65 maybe 70 me (Retribution Paladin) and my buddy (Blood Death Knight) should be able to blast through it. I want to wait until we’ve got a few more levels under our belt becuase I haven’t been in Scholomance before, so I like the idea of having a little extra insurance heh. Ok, that and I’ve gotta get the key for Scholomance as well.

I’m hoping that the server is stable tonight so we’re able to get back to putting some more levels on. I’m excited to get up to the level cap, run around the world at 80, get some video filmed, and get some goodies stocked up for my Worgen. Safe to say I’m anxios to get started.

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13 years ago

Thanks for article. Everytime like to read you.

13 years ago

Ah man. When you switched software or site location or something, my Reader feed didn’t pick it up. I’ve been wondering why there weren’t any blog updates from you and when you mentioned you were playing a pally I was sort of confused because you weren’t blogging about it. LOL

On Rexxar no less!


Character names to add to your friends list and hit up for groups or help if needed: Lannister or Smaken (faction swap+transferred Ork Hunter that is now a Dwarf Hunter).

I also have a bunch of other alts at various levels; Kremus (DK), Galiana (Mage), Olen (Priest), Sindaera (Durid), Nebulan (Warlock) and Jemura (Warrior).

I’m usually on as Lannister or Smaken though. Don’t be a stranger!

13 years ago

p.s. I have a key to Scholomance… 😀