You know I’d love to pick up one of the new games of the fall. Each of them sound like they have some interesting features that perk my interest. However one thing I’ve noticed in my short and jagged gaming career is that I play the “latest” game, trying it out or even picking it up. I throw myself into the game, next thing I know…. I’m back in WoW.

Honestly, I’m not even looking for a WoW killer right now. No I’m not a raving fanboy (I have different equipment). I just really enjoy WoW and I really enjoy the fact that my friends play there. While sure they might leave to play other stuff, somehow we all end up back in the game. WoW it’s self even changes pretty often, which can make things both interesting and annoying at all the same time. It can get tiresome to see that your class has been changed up drastically AGAIN, oh and your talent points have been reset. I don’t know how Skeleton Jack kept up with that stuff for so long.

I’d like to say it’s tempting to check out all the new games. Then I read around the blog sphere and my curiosity is pretty much instantly satiated. Besides I snuck into beta for a lot of the new games too and yeah, they have a shiny,  but not enough of a shiny to distract me. That’s kind of sad really, it’s not as if I’m not REALLY easily distracted.

Geistig in the Wild:

“Ooooooooo a book!” Geistig thinks then runs off to read the discovered book. Suddenly the rest of the group notices that they’re health bars are shrinking faster than a wool sweater in the wash.

*Giggles* Hey some pugs deserve to be left to their own fate. If you’ve ever played a healer, you know what I’m talking about.

So while it’d be friggin’ awesome to check out a new world, scour some new terrain etc. I’m not too hyped on the idea of immersing myself in understanding how to play a new class, how stats effect that class, what role IF ANY my class plays in the new game, blah blah blah. It’s a lot of work. Going through the cycle anew every 6 months or so because the next best thing is being mass advertised. Oh and let’s not even discuss the marketing campaign (boobs, yeah THAT’s not going to get ME to play your game, sorry).

Also why would I want to play a game where I can’t be the bad guy? Part of what I loved about WoW from the start is that I could be on the side of Order or Chaos. I had a choice. Sure I’m stuck on the Order side because that’s where everyone I know is playing, but at least I have the option.

Hmmmm…… I play WoW, my Mom plays WoW, I know a few other gals that play WoW and they’ve all been WAY more dedicated to the game than I have. Maybe the reason why games aren’t succeeding as WoW killers is because they’re not drawing on an interesting base of WoW players. You know, the ones that HAVE boobs and don’t feel compelled to buy a game because they see them on a box. The players that find a game they like, subscribe, and then DON’T rush off to play the latest and greatest game as soon as it comes out. At the very least, folks that play a game because they enjoy it, not because it’s what everyone else is doing right now.

So yeah, as horrible and unpopular as it might be, I’m sticking with WoW for now. I like the game. I like the stories woven into it. I like the fact that one minute I’m chasing Goblins with a Mechanical Yeti and the next I’m helping reunite the spirit of a dead girl with her tragically fated father. You don’t get that kind of range between the hilarious and the downright spooktasticly depressing in most other games. Like it or no WoW is a game that has depth. It’s not all contingent on being the hero and winning the day. There’s a lot of content in WoW that may not give up the best loot, but includes some epic laughs. Then there’s other tremendous stories in WoW that would outshine most rewards offered for completing them. Meh, just my two cents really, and I know they’re not worth a damn thing since I don’t have a level x-ty in any game.

However I can say this. Out of all the games I’ve tried and even re-tried, WoW is so far one of the games that’s captured my imagination and keeps bringing me back. It’s complex and full of all kinds of stories and characters. A lot of them even revolve around the people that log in to play. Maybe it just takes games several years to have content that varied and complex. Who’s to say? I’m looking forward to Cataclysm and working on getting up to level x-ty so that I can annoy the crap out of everyone at the end game, hehe. It’ll be fun. While all the new games coming out look pretty friggin’ cool, I just can’t see them capturing my imagination the same way.

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13 years ago

You said other equipment and boobs in same post lol. I love WoW too even tho it doesn’t have a boob slider like Aion does. I wonder if there is a buldge slider? John “the Winged” Holmes. Yay, I went out and bought Aion on a whim but the last game I bought was WAR a year ago. I figured I’ll give Aion a try but WoW is still my #1 game. I do feel nothing cab replace WoW. I’ve tried other games and about a month after I feel bored and wanting to go back to WoW. What is it about WoW that gets deep in our souls? I hope Aion is entertaining for at least a month but I’m not holding my breath for a WoW killer and I know it is not going to stop me from playing WoW.

flashy Mc loop
13 years ago

Thank you! just what I need to read right now…