Yep, last night I pushed the Pally to 58 and introduced my buddy to the Outlands. You know, it is a pretty nifty place. It is pretty different compared to the WoW old world but that’s the beauty of the World of Warcraft. They pack enough different stuff in that it stays interesting.

From here the leveling is going to slow down pretty dramatically. My buddy is already at the 60 mark and in full Death Knight blues he’ll be able to solo until Northrend, then it gets a little sticky soloing as a Death Knight (at least on the Horde side, can’t say about the Alliance) since there’s a few places where you either wait a few levels and then solo, or grab the closest warm body to take a pounding while you work on killing the boss. Preferably using another Death Knight as mob fodder works well since they have a lot of armor. Warlocks are fun too, but I doubt they’ll be many of those by now.

As for me, well since I’m 2 levels behind I’ll probably do some solo action too. I’m hoping that the Paladin oriented gear available in the Outlands will help. My gear currently is beyond bad and well into ‘terrabad’ territory. We were leveling SO fast it was hard to survive on quest gear, mostly because we ended up skipping a lot of quests. That also wore down on my coin cushion but it kept things moving along. To be honest, it was coin well spent. Getting bogged down because my gear sucks always makes me want to hurl tennis shoes at my monitor. That my friends could be an expensive endeavor.

Not to mention the fact that now I’ll be able to FLY!!! I’m excited about that prospect too so I’ll be doing every quest I can and picking every herb along the way to try to make enough to get a flying mount. It’s not going to be my soul focus by any stretch of the imagination, but I’d really like to pick one up.

I’m still on a push for 80 and can’t wait to get there and get to work on some other projects I have in mind. I also want to work on seeing a little more of the Outlands this time around, but if I get high enough soon enough I might end up heading for Northrend and then going back to explore more of the Outlands after 80.

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