Running around as a Death Knight & Paladin Duo is so far pretty sweet. Right now I’m the squishier of the duo as a Paladin, but I’m 3 levels lower and wearing greens instead of blues hehe.

Regardless I’m having a blast. I can usually guage how much fun I’m having based on the Screenshots I manage to pull off.

Here’s the goods from tonight.

Just 5 More Minutes Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Here’s one from the Western Plagulands, my buddy’s taking a nap in one of the open graves. Safe to say pretty peaceful.

I do however feel kinda sorry for a  55 Troll Warrior who decided to kill the Night Elf quest giver at Uther’s Tomb. That of course flagged him for PvP just as my buddy (59 Death Knight) and myself (55 Paladin) were trying to flag him down to turn in my Paladin quest.

I’m pretty sure he was sweating it as I just sat down next to him and waited to see what he wanted to do. Lucky the bastage was a Hordie. Otherwise he’d have been dead on site. The smart lad logged out once the suspense was a little too much for him.

I’m Feeling Light, Not THE LIGHT just… Light

So after the Night Elf respawned, it was back to Chillwind Camp for the next part of the Paladin quest chain, and off to the Sunken Temple. Now the sword was just too sweet to pass up, even if it’s more resistance heavy than damage heavy. Since my buddy and I were almost too high for the dungeon, we figured, hey, we’ll run it.

We successfully picked up all of the feathers, got a screenie, then exited via the chicken rock (hearth stone). I didn’t even die that time!

heh, good night!

Not bad for our first night on the Alliance side. Personally I still find the Alliance to be, well, bland. Sorry, but compared to the eerie green glow of the undercity, there’s not much in the game that really compares. Except of course for Acherus, the Death Knight stronghold floating above the Eastern Plaguelands. But that’s a topic that deserves a post of it’s own.

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13 years ago

It would be fun to find some quests later on the Alliance that are cruel and fun like the potion trickery ones for Tarren Mills Croak! *grins* I love my Death Knight. The evil deeds were too fun. teehee