I found this post today at Blessing of Kings and found it particularly funny after H00Ligan’s comment earlier today (LINK). I laughed mightily.

One thing I found particularly funny was the bit at the end about the Axe. Death Knights can train for and use one and two handed maces. For the most part while leveling Geistig, I’ve always ended up picking out axes, well partially for aesthetics and partially because the axes had better Death Knight stats (+strength, +attack power etc.).  Since I’ve been running Retribution I’ve worked at making sure that my gear has at least attack power if not strength attributes. While I’ve seen a mace or two with the right stats, so far my trusty signature item the big honkin axe, has usually played out as my most effective weapon. I’ve also been working at keeping all of my available weapon skills honed so that should I come across something really cool I’ll be able to use it.

Last weekend it really bugged me when an “ex-twink” Pally decided to lecture me on using Maces. “Maces are the best weapon for Paladins”, says the Paladin, who I shall mention was carrying a sword, not a mace. Later in the week I logged into Geistig for a tick and yep took a look at her great big Axe. Then it occured to me that while questing in Northrend I did see more Axes as quest rewards than Maces. I also remember the sweet sweet damage each of them did. There was the Honed Voidaxe in the Outlands, the Axe of Frozen Death in Northrend, oh and the old classic Arcanite Reaper, nope not a mace.

Hmmm probably should have rolled a Warrior so I could end up dual wielding some two handers hehe… But for now I’m pretty friggin’ happy with the Paladin class. I LOVE hybrids and the Paladin class has met and exceeded my needs.

When I started up helping my buddy level his Warlock, I’d rolled a Shaman. I was thinking, “hey, been here before, I can do it again, no big whoop.” Gah, well after being a plate bearing maniac, it’s hard to wear *bleh* leather… And literally wait until 40 to have some decent protection. Don’t get me wrong, properly geared and played Shaman are quite literally a force of nature. But since I suck, I’m not one to dabble in the powers of nature and I’m leaving Shaman to those much better qualified than myself. For the most part I’d rolled Shaman so that I’d be tank and heals to compliment my buddies lock.

After having rolled a Warlock in the past, really the only thing they lacked was a reliable tank (at least until you get up to Felgaurd). I mean, Voidwalkers must all come from the radioactive side of the demon realm and/or ate paint chips as wee demons. They love dragging one mob into about three or four other higher level mobs and then screaming “you’re mamma” jokes at them. If you’ve ever rolled a Warlock, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t and you want a good laugh, try it, you’ll die laughing, literally.

Usually when I roll a class to compliment x or y, things just end up going horribly wrong, and well, rolling the Shaman was no exception. I was constantly low on mana and I knew that without serious and constant gear upgrades, my Shammy wasn’t going to put out the damage I’d need to put out in order to keep up. Also constant downtime meant that I’d be slowing down the whole process. Yeah total no go. This really bummed me out because I like Shamans. I like their utility spells and I like working out which totems to use when. I even liked the totem quests, it just immersed me that much more into the game. Sadly though, this trip into Azeroth, I didn’t want to spend time on a Shammy, even if they’re a kick awesome class.

Since I still wanted to be a tank with a rez, my only other option was, yep, Paladin. Oh I’d heard the Vanilla WoW horror stories. Even the ones about Pallies in a Dress hehe. But since there’d been some changes I figured I’d give the class a shot. So I rolled Kleinegeist.

At first I was VERY bored with the Paladin playstyle. In the noobzone I pretty much just buffed myself then ran around whacking things. Not very thought provoking. But I stuck with it and once I picked up the first Judgment I was hooked!!!

“Yes Virgina, you no longer have to reapply ability x after casting ability y”…. SQUEEEEEE… I was running around chopping up things left and right. I only died when gravity caught up with me….. Shouldn’t have jumped off that *blush*. The best part of course was being able to tank for my Warlock buddy even though he was a level or so above me. Ok well that AND being able to take the hits too hehe.

As KG’s progressed I’ve been waiting for her to damage output to lag or for her mana replenishment to become unbearably slow. Around the late 30’s I did notice that she had some mana issues but once I picked up Seal of Wisdom life improved dramatically. I still switch back and forth between Seal of Wisdom and Seal of Light even at 46. This hehe, is pretty much due to the fact that it keeps my hit points manageable while I’m holding aggro on 3 or 4 mobs while my buddy casts rain of fire over them. Heh, SO much fun. To help hold the aggro I’m usually blasting off Consecration once, maybe twice if the mobs aren’t dying. Aside from that though I seem to do enough damage to keep the mobs attention even as they’re cooked from above hehe.

Lately I’ve noticed that everyone’s been rolling Pally. It’s weird. I guess I should feel guilty for rolling and enjoying a “flavor of the month” class. Honestly though I’m having fun. I enjoy playing a class that lets me keep myself and my party alive, let’s me buff, and comes with a pretty sweet mount. Will I stick with the Paladin class over the long run? Heh, who can say. I can however say that Blizzard did a really good job with the recent changes to the class and it’s a lot more enjoyable to play.

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13 years ago

Great write up! Pallies have been a FoTM since BC first came out but got shelved for DKs. Now pallies are back strong. I do think they will become less popular in the future because that is how FoTM works. Once Cataclysm comes out you will see pally decline and Worgen/Goblin classed FoTM like the Druid. Just like the OP rogue in vanilla WoW. Rogues have now almost become extinct along with Warlocks. My advice is stick it out and love it because the FoTM people don’t stay loyal to their class

13 years ago

I have a warrior with 2 giant 2h axes dual wielding. It is an awesome power to have. BF drops a nice 2h axe you can dual wield. I feel like conan wielding them

13 years ago

“Back in MY day”, Pallies couldn’t use axes :p