Ok so last but not least on the Pre-Cataclysm Stops tour are the Faction Neutral zones set to be affected by the cataclysm. These are spots that, at least from my experience, aren’t really heavier for one side faction or another, but tend to have quests and flight paths for both factions.

Blackrock Mountain: For the true World of Warcraft buff, you’re going to want to visit Blackrock Mountain before the expansion. This portal to what was once raiding hell started life as a group of dungeons ranging from the 52-60 5 man range to the 60+ 40 man range. Many folks spent their weekends here “with 39 other people and a guy named Bob telling them what to do” (from MC Raiders L). “But why, it’s old and teh lootz drops is useless”. Uh, because it’s going to change. Lootz or no, Blackrock is set for some changes during the Cataclysm expansion. Two new dungeons are set to be added onto the current set of dungeons. I’m totally stoked about this of course after running through Blackrock Spire and Molten core after the release of WotLK. Molten Core of course is the dungeon talked about most in the MC Raiders song released by the Myndflame crew (it’s cool to see just what the hell a Core Hound is, up close and chewing on your arm kinda personal, they’re so cute). Since the new additions to Blackrock Mountain will be for the 85+ it’s worth checking out now and comparing the changes later. Also might as well hit the rookery and pick up the Jenkins title while you’re at it.

Stonetalon Mountains: Known for Chimera, Harpies, and the happy Goblin logging camp, not a lot goes on in Stonetalon Mountains, well at least not past level 25 or so. Well except for the random Death Knight roaming through the zone looking for posies or ore. Stonetalon Mountains though may see some serous geologic upheaval during the Cataclysm and this zone will also see more goblin activity.

Azshara: Currently this is a level 45 to 55 zone. There isn’t much in the way of amenities here in Azshara, but it’s right next door to Orgrimmar, and pretty close to Astraanar. This is a pretty zone that seems pretty fall like and is home to ghosts, Naga, Furblogs and Hyppogryphs. Post Cataclysm though, this zone is going to see a LOT of changes. This area is set to become a low level zone for the new race to the Horde, Goblins. Word currently is that Azshara will also have a path directly into Orgrimmar, which it never had before.

Desolace: Here’s a zone that lives up to it’s name. Desolace has almost no trees and the landscape is dunes and cracked earth as far as the eye can see. The dungeon in this zone, though really long is pretty and fun to work though (also pretty easy to get lost in heh). Currently it’s not known if Desolace will change much, you know, if you’ll still be able to battle infernals or zap the Kodos hehe. What is known is that the sea level will rise and Desolace will become a lush landscape once more. Probably not something Shadowprey Village wants to hear (the Horde flight path) since it’s right on the water. Chances are too that it’ll make it a little more difficult to hit up Shellfish Traps for the Big Iron Fishing Pole.

Tanaris – Uldum: At the end of Tanaris there are some wandering Titans that look pretty similar to some baddies found in Uldaman. These big green guys seem to be guarding a door, but what’s behind that door has been a mystery for a long time. Post Cataclysm, the 85+ will be able to wander about in a new dungeon added into this area. I’m looking forward to it since it’s supposed to have an ancient Egyptian style to it. I love ancient Egyptian history and architecture, so hey here’s something worth leveling up for hehe.

Well that’s what I’ve seen of the Cataclysm changes so far that have stuck out for me. I’m looking forward to revisiting a lot of these areas and seeing how they change once the expansion lands. Should be pretty interesting.

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13 years ago


been a lil while been on a vacation far away. Anyway, I’m currently redoing all the old zones on my dk to get to see it all one last time before it explodes 🙂

13 years ago

I want to do the same but can’t ever find anybody in my guild willing to do a non-loot run. Fun? What is that?