Hehehe, I got to go to the Penny Arcade Expo this year. It’s in my hometown so it’s silly that I haven’t been to it before now. It was cool checking out some developer panels and wandering around the booths.

Biggest item of note though….

I got to play a Worgen. Yes Blizzard had a booth at PAX and they had Cataclysm kiosks and Diablo III kiosks set up. It was soooooo cooool hehe.

For just for a minute or two I got to play a Worgen Warrior, and well, I liked it. I’m even more excited than ever! It plays about like I expected it to and from what I saw of the Worgen noob zone, I’m thinking it’d be fun to roll from scratch and check it out.

I’m planning on completing the pre-cataclysm neutral list this weekend. But err heh, I’m also planning on getting my Blood Elf Paladin to 40. Yes, I fell off the wagon. Heh, I really like the World of Warcraft, it’s just some of the players that make me want to claw my own eyes out with rusted forks. Yes, it’s that bad.

Turns out Scarybooster was 100% right. I’m enjoying being a certifiable meat shield. It’s nice to be the first line of defense for a change, that and not feel as if I’m wearing tissue paper and going after mobs with a feather duster.

“No really, just stand there and let me tickle you to death…. Please stop laughing this is embarrassing enough as it is….” <- Creep as a Priest. I’m a lousy Priest.

Ok that’s enough of the off trackedness.  PAX was great and I’ll have to go back next year for the full 3 days and just geek out.

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13 years ago

Tanking is fun. I got my Warrior to 61 this weekend. My warrior is an old Cow now new Spacegoat. Too bad you playing the slacker horde. My guild is only fun cuz Evil and Wicked are in it. I was thinking of looking for new guild because mine doesn’t do anything ever. Nit even 5 mans. I’m nit an end game player but I really want to see all the stuff I missed in BC and Old World before Cataclysm drops. I won’t leave Evil and Wicked tho. I guess I be PUGin. I might take my Priest out tho and look for a guild that schedules anything. I want to see stuff and there is so much I can’t solo. I tried Ony on my Priest and it didn’t go so well. I need an OP Pally. I wonder if H00LiGAN’s guild is good and needs a Priest?