Here’s my list of Pre-Cataclysm stops that are more relevant to the Alliance side of things. It also includes some points of interest for folks that are looking at rolling Worgen once the expansion goes live.

Darkshore: I’d visit Auberdine. This is one of the first mainland stops from the Night Elf and Draenei noob zones. There’s two interesting quests there, one involves a Night Elf who’d lost his wife. The other quest involves fishing for a Dwarf. Both of which are worth checking out.

Hillsbrad Foothills: Yes this is a contested area, and it’s more Horde heavy than Alliance, but there’s also one random Alliance flight point. Yep it’s Southshore. Really the only quests I remember from this quest hub was just killing a bunch of Merlocks… bleh. Regardless though, it’ll always have a special place in my memory. Back when I was working on my Human Rogue in Aftermath I’d flown out to Southshore as a first stop towards getting to the Scarlet Monastery. On landing I was greeted by the rest of my party (a 70 Paladin and a fellow lowbie warlock) who were dancing naked (fortunately only as naked as one can get in WoW) on some boxes waiting for me. I just had to stop and laugh. Unfortunately I didn’t think about taking screenshots and I still facepalm on that one.

Wetlands: The Wetlands will also be tweaked to add a dungeon where there’s now a nice dragony outpost. I’d run through there on my Death Knight Geistig. For the most part I was just curious about what was back there. Now that she’s a little bigger I’d probably like to go back there again, that or get leveled up to 80 and THEN go back in there, muah hahaha. Ok I’d probably have to bring some friends, but it’d be something interesting.

Silverpine Forest: Ok well Silverpine forest is a Horde friendly zone. There are however some very uniquely Alliance features in Silverpine forest that you’d really want to visit as an Alliance to appreciate. You’ll especially want to visit if you’re like me and you’re looking forward to the addition of the Worgen as a playable race in Cataclysm. Also after visiting, it’d probably make more sense to you as to a) why the Forsaken attack Gilneas once the gates go down and b) why the Gilneans are siding with the Alliance.

Silverpine Forest – Gilneas Gate: Technically the walled off country of Gilneas is in (at least what I consider to be) Horde territory. There are some mages roaming about that are friendly to Alliance (that I have to remember not to duck around when running on an Alliance toon hehe). But there is a Horde flight path in the region and it borders on Tirisfal Glades where you’ll find the Undercity and the “Dark Lady” Sylvanas. Right now there’s not a lot to see here. At the Gilneas wall I mean. There’s some wolves and yep Worgen, leading up to the gate, but it’s walled up nice and tight. There’s some guards and refugees milling about, but not much else (other than a neutral vendor and he’s only neutral because he’s blind).

Silverpine Forest – Pyrewood Village: Now here’s a place that you’d probably want to visit twice, or visit at sunrise/sunset, preferably as Alliance. Why? Well this– village gives you an idea of what’s BEHIND the Gilneas gates. How’s that? Well sitting under the shadow of heh, Shadowfang Keep (level 18-25 dungeon), has permanently changed the residents of Pyrewood Village. During the day the villagers are human and they are friendly to Alliance players (hence why I recommend visiting as Alliance, so you can actually roam in and see what life there is like without having to kill everything). When the sun sets however…. Yeppers the villagers go Worgen! This is the happy little village that started it all and it’s definitely worth a stop off. Now considering the fact that the Gilneans holed themselves up before the plague they probably wouldn’t have known much about the Forsaken, that and if they’d gotten any word from the folks of Pyrewood Village (who are constantly raided by the Horde per quest requisites), then it makes sense that they’d rather side with the Alliance (who’d well never attacked them) as opposed to the Horde, who have, and do, because they’re Human and well we know how much the Forsaken LOVE Humans hehe.

Silverpine Forest – Shadowfang Keep: Now this little gem of an instance is set to become a heroic when the expansion hits. It doesn’t see a lot of action being a lower level dungeon, but it is fun to visit. Why? Well because it was the home of the Archmage Aragal who had a hand in making the Worgen what they are today. It’s also a really tricky little dungeon that’s got some pretty neat little twists and turns. There’s a LOT of things out to get you in this happy little dungeon. There are a lot of magic users, undead and Worgen wiling to take a chunk out of you. But if you’re willing to over look those little things, it’s worth checking out.

Westfall – Deadmines: Chances are if you’ve rolled Alliance you’ve been in the Deadmines. This is actually a pretty cool dungeon with scripted elements and houses a traitor to the Alliance. Pretty cool stuff. Post Cataclysm this little dungeon is getting a revamp to include a Heroic dungeon for the 85er’s. It’ll be interesting to see the changes from a level 15-23 dungeon to a Heroic.

Not a huge list but there’s more changes to the Horde side of things really. However keep in mind too that there’s some big changes coming for Ashenvale so stop by Astranaar, this is another Alliance outpost set to be damaged by the Horde during the Cataclyps.

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