I still need to dig up a few more screen shots for my WoW tour articles. While digging around though I found these nifty screen shots from the Scarlet Enclave Ruins otherwise know as the Death Knight starter area.

You can get here via one of two methods. Head to the Eastern Plaguelands for one (You’ll want to be at least 58 to 60 before heading out or you won’t have a great experience). From Light Hope’s Chapel (the closest flight path) you can either head up through Brownman Mill and then around through the Noxious Glade, there’s a little cavern as the path curves off to the right. Or.. if you head out to Tyr’s Hand you’ll find the road through the fortification also leads back to the Ruins of the Scarlet Enclave.

I actually found the Ruins of the Scarlet Enclave after pickpocketing the guardians of Tyr’s Hand for lockboxes back on my Alliance Rogue. It was a fun way to get my lockpicking up to 300. Since I’m innately curious and I followed the path behind the Scarlet Basilica.

Pre WotLK Tyr’s Hand found on WoWWiki

If you take a look at those mountains just to the left of the Basillica, those aren’t in the current version of the game and there’s a path that’s been built around the larger stone building.

Path around the Scarlet Basillica

The Scarlet Enclave Ruins are actually pretty cool to explore. They’re nice and spooky. It’s also interesting to compare what the Ruins looked like when I was a Death Knight as opposed to the more ‘after’ state it’s currently in. There’s bodies, bones and broken stone everywhere. There are also no mobs which I guess is actually kind of nice when you get tired of bashing things. The sad part is that despite the number of Death Knights that have trained in this zone, it’s totally empty. While there I didn’t find any mobs or scripted objects like books, loot or otherwise.

Here’s the Square

Here’s an interesting spot beside one of the southern quest hubs, a farm house that’d been taken over

Here’s one spot where a building had stood, and where fledgling Death Knights perform one of their most interesting challenges

These ruins had been a fortification where Death Knights had faced some of their tougher first battles

Now here’s a spot though that is stuck in my mind, the Sepulcher quest hub. I liked this quest hub because it was very fitting quest hub for Death Knights and well a smart well defended spot really. It’s stuck in my mind however because of an odd little human touch I found there while I was stopping to check my quest log.

Kind of makes you wonder who the stuffed toy belonged to, and what had happened to them. This is really one of my favorite images of Geistig so far.

When I went back to the same spot though, it was pretty well damaged

And it was totally empty, so no heartfelt welcome was to be had from my lost plushy friend

Up closer to Acherus, where the landing zone had been for the Death Knight attacks on the Scarlet Enclave, there were some really spooky artifacts that were kind of neat to check out. There was a depression filled with wrapped bodies and an interesting circle of folks that well, hung out a little longer than they should have heh.

Here’s my Rogue taking a seat and hanging out in the pow wow.

Pretty intersting stuff really heh.

I kind of like the fact that the artists did leave some a nice spooky finish to the Scarlet Enclave Ruins. It’s also pretty neat that they actually look like ruins, you know fitting in with the events that would have occured there.

The downside is that this is also an open empty section of the map. I’m sure that a lot of the phasing in planning will probably occur in dungeon areas, you know spots that aren’t quite opened like this one is. It is kind of neat to be able to go back into this area and just scope things out, and I’ve never seen another soul back there when I’ve ventured in so that only adds to the overall creepiness. I just wouldn’t want to see a lot of empty spots like this one where once you’ve gone through the zone as intended, this is pretty much all you have left behind.

Then again for explorer type folks like myself, being able to poke around in areas like this and look for these little details, can be a bit of a bonus. Mostly because no one else bothers checking this stuff out because there’s no loot to be had here. Nope the only thing you’ll pick up here is a really creepy vibe, and some cool screenshots. Sometimes though, that in its self is pretty cool.

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13 years ago

Thats very cool, I’ll have to check it out. Thanks

13 years ago

Ya cool stuff! You playing again?