Thoughts on the World of Warcraft Cataclysm

The thoughts are… Why do I have to wait so long!!!!

Yep I like the concept and so far I like the fact that they’re going back to revamp the old world. What I don’t like about most MMO’s is how static they are. They also only work on content for the last remaining members of their subscriber base… Yep the elitist raiders.

Though the raiders will get content in the world after the Cataclysm, they’re not the only ones *wiggles eyebrows*.

Player vs Developer says it best really here (Link). Blizzard is breaking away from the *Kill 10 Levels to Kill the Boss Mob* model and going back to a model that promotes solo player content. So yeah, you can kill the big bad boss if you want to…. or you can run back through Azeroth completeing one of the 100’s of new quests that Blizz is adding into WoW.

It almost makes me want to check out the old world now and visit the places set to be destroyed by the cataclysm. You know actually use my ‘Prophet’ title for once and display the way things are, but discuss how things ‘will be’. It’s an idea but not sure if I’ll have the desire or time. I know I could do it with Geistig without a problem. She could even hit the Alliance areas without too much hassle. But I think I’d rather go back through them as a tiny and do a little more leveling. Who knows *wink*

One thing though I’m really excited about though…. Worgen.

Sadly I love the Horde, but I admit, the Worgen are… well…. HOT. They add a much needed spooky element that the Alliance has been sorely lacking. I love the Horde for the Undead. They give the Horde that added touch of spookiness that gives the faction more depth. Sort of in a, “well if you think I’m evil, look at what these guys are bulding in thier basement” kind of way.

Checking out the Worgen, I think I’d be willing to re-roll Alliance to be a Worgen, but I think I’d have to make a Worgen Death Knight.  That is since they can’t be Paladins. Why Paladin… Well that’s a story for another day.


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13 years ago

I think you should roll a new toon on rexxar with us. Hooligan, evil, wicked, lann, fourbits and I are still on there. That way you can get a mental picture and know how the changes changed the world. I heard there is going to be awesome live event right before the patch drops. With the level cap increasing only by 5 it makes the Northrend stuff still challenging. I think WoW discovered 10 levels makes their last patch worthless. With only a 5 level increase the older content still yields rewards. Imagine doing Northrend heroics to level up and gear up all the way to 85. You couldn’t do that with TBC. 5 levels is a smart move to tie the world closer together. They just need to add a level 80+ zone to TBC and the whole world will be populated.

13 years ago

Btw on your blogroll. Sweet thanks miss ya!

13 years ago

Yup, you will be coming back to us on Rexxar 🙂

13 years ago

You should play a tank. Pally or Warrior. You seem like an up front in your face kind of gal.

13 years ago

I’ll be rollin’ worgen when the `clysm comes out. They’ve the got the same style that made me fall in love with Warhammer whay back when.

13 years ago

Everything dynamic and very positively! 🙂
Thank you

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