OpenSim and RealXtend

I’ve been tinkering with the OpenSim server platform quite a bit. I’ve even had a region up and running on the OSGrid for a little bit (took it down last night though to play with another server version). So far I really like the concept. It’s pretty easy to design a custom landscape and custom objects. As far as my limited scripting experience can tell, there’s a lot that can be done with the platform.

I’ve gotta say though it’s a LOT of work. OpenSim is still changing pretty rapidly. While there’s a lot of documentation out there. What is out there is the typical coding style of documentation which usually sits in one of two categories, the “hello world” or here’s the baby steps and the super complex stuff. It usually takes time to get the middle stuff fleshed out a bit.

It has been a lot of fun running my own region and being able to build as much as I want. The more I learn about the platforms though and the more I want to do, I’m finding that there’s still some limitations in the platform that are making it kind of tough on me.

There’s things I’d like to do such as set up npc’s, have quest text tailored to individual class types, and display video. These are things that the platform is technically capable of, but I really don’t want to spend the next year learning how to make it happen. The RealXtend platform does have a little more functionality in that respect. The only downside is learning Python and then figuring out how to tap into the server since there really isn’t a documented api. For OpenSim there is a documentation website that lists the classes, methods, etc, but there’s very little in the way of examples so that kind of makes it tough (at least for me) to dig in and get to work. I’m ok at tinkering with code etc, but I’m not quite up to just throwing things together without a guide book. At least not in C# and Python.

I do still want to play with these technologies. There’s a lot of cool things that can be done here and they are after all still in development so who knows how far they’ll go. I’ve also got a nifty idea for a game that I’d like to try to put together in some form or fashion.

Whew, it’s just a LOT of work.

I do need to start documenting some of the things I’ve worked on though and what successes I’ve had. If nothing else just so that I can remember what the devil I did.

I’d really like to work with RealXtend or the new ModRex version of the RealXtend server. It has some nifty features like Direct-x shading/rendering, flash support, and even media url’s in textures which makes it a LOT easier to add web content and videos to prims. It also has npc coding built into the core making it a little easier to add quest givers or random mobs (you know adding life to the world heh).

I just have to actually get it working.  😛

On the downside it means I’ll also have to run a solo installation or run in grid/hypergrid mode. Other folks will be able to stop into the game to check it out but I won’t be connected to a main grid that supports a lot of traffic. Reason being is that I don’t really want to pay a lot of coin to be connected to one of the few grids supporting RealXtend and I don’t want to connect the server to grids that aren’t supporting the server.

Just more work for me in the end I guess heh.


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