Ryzom: Something Out of the Ordinary

So yeah, just to try something a little different I’ve been trying out Ryzom. So far I like it ok, but I’ve been in the noob zone the whole time so far. Ryzom has a pretty extensive noob tutorial, heh, even then there’s still a LOT to learn about the game.

This is by no means a new game (heh it was published in 2004). But it is a game with an interesting history and even more interesting mechanics. But there’s blogs all over the place that talk about that (and there’s a really good write up on Wikipedia). So I’m not going to go there, but I will talk about some of the things I’ve learned the hard way while running around Atys (the planet in Ryzom).


Armor Penalties:

  • Armor slows casting speed and increases the amount of Sap (mana) needed to make the cast. This mechanic increases as the armor level increases.
  • Shields have the same effect as armor.

The Rez

  • To resurrect a player you actually heal them out of a coma. For folks used to a single spell resurrection spell this is a pretty funky mechanic. When a player goes down they’re actually in a coma. To bring them out of the coma you keep throwing healing spells until their health bar goes from maroon to black and back to red again. It litterally looks like your healing the life out of them, when really you’re healing the coma out of them.

Smart Use of Skill Points

Ryzom doesn’t have classes, you just skill up in Fighting, Magic, Crafting and Harvesting (yes, the and applies because you can skill up in all of them). To get new abilities you don’t spend gold you spend points earned while using the skills you already have. Here’s some things I’ve learned about allocating the points:

  • Get upgrades of existing skills instead of getting the next version of the same skill, it costs fewer points and still does damage.
  • You can use points from the other talent areas to help build up hit points. If you run out of talent points when upgrading magic or combat skills, you can use talent points built up from harvesting to boost ‘constitution’ which increases your hit points. You want to be careful with this though since you’ll want to work on the harvesting skills to get materials for items later on.

Death Penalty

  • If no one’s around to heal you back to life and you end up at one of the rez shrines, you’ll be stuck with a death penalty that blocks your experience gain until you resolve it.
  • If you don’t feel like getting right back into battle you CAN work down your death penalty by working on any one of the talent trees. One of the best ways to go is to run around harvesting the debt away. Sometimes I craft, but this can be a wast of resources since I’m not getting any talent points. Then again I am getting something to sell off on the market so life is good.


In Ryzom you can get healing spells that heal just you or spells that heal others.

  • Self Heal is Vital: Regardless of what you’re doing you’ll want the self heal skill. You can upgrade this skill via any one of the talent trees. This is a lifesaver when you’re out on your own, and it can keep you going while waiting for healing.
  • Heal and Life Gift: These heal others. The cool part about these is that either one will help bring a fallen player out of the ‘death coma’ so they’re not a bad thing to have. It’s also not a bad idea to have both. If you’re rolling as a heavy armor tank style class, you can use Heal until you’re almost out of Sap (agian mana), and then use Life Gift to help complete the heals. Life Gift uses less Sap than Heal does, BUT it does take away some of the caster’s life in order to make the cast.

Effective Stanza Use

  • Stanzas are your friend, you’ll want to update them and tweak them whenver you get the chance.
  • When getting skills it’s a good idea to look for any ‘Credit’ skill avialable. Some skills need a huge amount of Credit skills (such as x amount of Sap or increased cast time) in order to make a big boom. No credits, no boom, usually means sticking to hitting the squishy things and grinding very sloooooooowly up to the next set of talent points.
  • Edit your Stanza when you get a skill upgrade (otherwise you’ll be feeding 20 quality mats to a 10 quality boot plan and end up cursing like the dickens).

I’ll probably need to write up a post just on Stanzas. They’re really very simple and handy once you get the hang of them, it’s just getting there that gets a little confusing. When you’re used to just adding a skill to your toolbar and forgetting about it, the idea of actually editing that skill to increase it’s damage or decrease it’s consumption etc, is bizzare. Once you get them dialed in though you can seriously increase your damage output and reduce your downtime just by tweaking one or two little things.


  • Pick your craft first and formost otherwise you’ll end up wasting talent pionts on the heavy helm pattern when you really only needed the light armor patterns.
  • Oh and you only have to buy the patterns once. You buy the patterns for Chest, Legs, Arms etc. Then to make the next grade of armour you just upgrade your craft production ability (that way you don’t have to buy a new pants pattern every 6 levels and have a ton of patterns clogging the log).
  • You can use a bunch of different things to make the same stuff, but depending on the stuff you use you’ll get a diffrent product. It’s not a bad idea just to throw things into the windows and see which armor stats they’ll modify (ie, they’ll make the armor tougher, they’ll reduce casting time, they’ll enable enchantment, etc).
  • Also you can add stats to weapons, you just have to train for the skill. The skill is pretty costly, but it means that you’ll be able to add hit points, sap, whatever, to your armor or even your weapons (my gal has two weapons I’ve crafted that boost hit points). Hence this is why it’s a good idea to not waste talent points on patterns, yes once agian speaking from expereince. Regardless though being able to craft a q30 weapon in a place where you can only buy q20 off the vendor is still pretty bonus.
  • Notes to Self: you can also add notes to crafted items. So if you made something pretty snazzy, you can make a note about what you used to make the item on the item it’s self. This’ll make it a little easier to gather the stuff you’d need to make a new version when it wears out. That is so long as you don’t sell it first.

The crafting in Ryzom is also pretty complex and could take up pages and pages if I really got into detail. Safe to say though, it’s also pretty nifty.

Where I’m At

So after figuring all of that stuff out (and a whole bunch of other goodies), I have Prophegiest where she is today (yes, I spazzed and spelled geist incorrectly when I set her up, how embarrassing >.< ).

I’ll have to post some more on this later, but essentially what I have is sort of a Rogue/Priest combo. She’s dual wielding a sword and dagger (both level 30 currently, which she crafted herself, tee hee). She’s also rocking light armor. Yes this does make her more fragile, but I’ve boosted her melee damage output, her casting damage output, and her caster preservation skills (fear and root). Oh yeah I’ve been working on her healing too.

I’m not sure just how long Ryzom will hold my attention, especially once I exit noob-land and venture off into the real butt kicking zones.


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