LotRO: Taking a Break

So yeah LotRO has slowed to a crawl. Sure I could spend all of my time in instances and level faster, but really I’m just frustrated with the game. I enjoyed the idea of making armour for my Kinship, but I don’t feel like waiting 6 weeks to complete a full set of armour and/or grind up and spend a stupid quantity of time/coin on materials for single use patterns. Especially when I need to be saving coin to spend on training for new skills.

I haven’t cancelled my subscription, and I’m still logging in once in a while, but yeah I just don’t have a whole lot of motivation to log into the game right now. I need to get in a little recruiting for my Kinship (hopefully to find someone to replace me).


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13 years ago

Ah, sounds like the mid-30’s blues are setting in. I’ve left 4 characters in the 30’s, and it wasn’t until i hit 40 and Angmar with my champ, that I felt the grind break.
I also left crafting behind. I needed the money and it was such a drag trying to level my smithing around Master level.

13 years ago

Yeah , I’m smack in 30s blues too. For me its the riduculous amount of group quests that’s killing me.

That and the fact every zone looks more or less the same. I mean they are gorgeous but its all looking alike. And killing boars, wolves, spiders and goblins all the time… need a change.

I don’t know if I will continue or not.

Damn I need a new mmo.

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