Heh, I kind of forgot to mention that this new blog format does have a funky system for comments, but that’s part of the reason I made the switch.

So when folks comment for the first time (or at least what the blog thinks is the first time) it holds the comment for moderation. This makes it a little easier for me to block the folks that are posting links to their spam website but leaving comments like “oh thank you, I’ve been looking for this information for my thesis”. Right, lemme guess, you’ve got some ocean front property in Arizona for me too?

I just wanna let folks know that once they’ve posted and I’ve approved the comment, anything else they post is going right onto the post. Sorry about the mix up, especially to H00Ligan, *hugs*

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13 years ago

Looking good!

I work as a programmer (java) so I know the effort that goes into it.

Anyway I do want to hear about that ocean front property in Arizona, just wondering what secret ocean is right next to Arizona.