LotRO: A Little Diffrent from the Norm

So the Kinship decided on a Hauberk to wear for Kin events and whatnot. It’s kind of scaly so it fits with the theme of our Kinship pretty well. (Smaug, the Kin’s namesake is a dragon). Before stoing the hauberk for the night Savvy and I rode thought Bree wearing the new colors and I figured I’d grab a snapshot for the Kin website.

I’d picked up the idea for a Kin Hauberk after seeing a mounted patrol event by the Kin “Sons of Numenor”. It’s a pretty impressive show seeing that group all on horseback all wearing the same colors. They usually have a pic posted of their event on their webby (link). I’m not saying that Smaug’s will get quite that organized any time soon. After recent events though we are in sore need of a little Esprit De Corp so to speak.

We’ve gained two promising new members recently, but we’ve also lost two of our core members. It was tough at first, but it really seems like we’re rallying again and we’re moving on. For the most part a lot of last night was spent on a trip to Rivendell
for one of our newer Kin members (something we seem to do on a regular
basis these days), and hunting ore for a Kinmate who’s leveling up to
be the Kinship Weaponsmith.


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