LotRO: Working Towards 35 and Getting a House

So in LotRO you're eligible for picking up your mount at level 35 (well level 35 and plopping down 4 gold and 220 silver or thereabouts). I'm pretty excited about getting my mount really. I participated in the Summer Festival fishing quests and ended up with enough festival coins to pick up a festival horse. I still have to plunk down coin for the horse, but for the first time in playing an MMO I've actually worked on getting a special mount. Granted this wasn't the hardest one in LotRO to pick up by any means, but I actually did it.


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13 years ago

I’m pretty much just pushing for 35, then I’m going to take a leveling break myself and help out Kin mates. I don’t want to end up getting too far ahead either. But I’m hoping it’ll be easier to do all the running around once I have a mount.

13 years ago

Wow… your flying there 🙂 still only 28 but have to admit I’m taking my sweet time to keep in the same level range as my friends. In fact we’re all kinda slowing down for the others so we’re all leveling slowly. kinda funny when you think about it.

Tried Aion in beta and it just dint click with me. Same mechanics as the rest and the universe just din’t seem appealing enough. Sad to say but I don’t predict a big future for it… will probably get suscribers at the start and then go down the way warhammer online did. Until the next star wars mmo I don’t see anything on the horizon worthwile.

13 years ago

I wouldn’t expect anything less! H00ligan mentioned Aion. I know that Nox was waiting on that one. I’d get to be a bad guy again so I can’t say that I’m not intrigued. Personally though I’m waiting for it to be released and for all the hype to die down.

That and dealing with technical issues are really starting to drive me batty.

13 years ago

I miss you 2 in WoW /tear. It always reminds me when Creep’s mom logs on to play. I keep hearing the words in my head, “back in the good old days…”

I wish I could play LotRO. It sounds so interesting but everytime I play it I get bored very quickly. I hope there is awesome future game where we can all come together and play as one again and maybe get some group hugs in there. WoW sucks for the people that play it and are idiots and LotRO sucks because it just feels odd to me.

Someday! I’ll be around trolling Creep the Prophet and The Kingdom of Snark

13 years ago

Congrats on the house! Looks like your search paid off. Simple house, I assume.
The horse will be nice…but the “quest” to get the horse it such a bore. Turbine needs to patch that requirement right out.

13 years ago

Thanks Hooligan! Yep went with a standard house. I want to post some pictures and I’m hoping that I get a chance to do that tonight or tomorrow morning.

Thanks for the heads up on the quest >.< seems kind of anti climactic, but meh, at least I'll have a horse.

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