LotRO: Rune-Keeper Update Ding 29 & Artisan Metalsmith

I’m very excited. I’m almost halfway to the level cap! I can already start working on Return to Rivendell by killing 150 Orc. Sad part is that shouldn’t be too terribly tough since they’re friggin everywhere.

Now Artisan Metalsmith… *sheesh*! Metalsmith is a pain to level. I’ve been mostly making tools for the Auction House. They don’t sell super well but they also don’t cost an arm, a leg, or half a lifetime to produce. There’s a whole set of armour at the Expert level that I just haven’t bothered producing because not only would I need to get the tailoring elements (because I haven’t bothered leveling my Tailoring at all), but I’d also need to get polished rubies from a Jeweler AND scour the wilderness for mobs that drop Ruby Shards. While I’d prefer to make some nice heavy armour for the Kinsmen that can wear it, I’m pretty much stuck to making tools. I have purchased decently prices Saphire Shards at the Auction House to produce Forge-Crafted gear. The sad part is that a good portion of folks in the Kin already have better gear than the Forge-Crafted gear and I’m not skilled enough to make the super gear at that level yet. That and getting special components and hoping to get a critical super product when you’re making an item from a one time use recipe and using rare drop components is probably a lot like praying for rain in the desert.

At least though I am up to making Steel crafting tools and I’ve purchased or picked up a few recipes. Last night I produced and distributed some of the tools to Kin members. There still some Kin members I didn’t get tools out to, but hopefully I’ll be able to collect a little ore tonight and plug away at the list. Why am I doing this you ask? Because I can! The folks in my Kin have been very helpful to me and I’d like to be able to return the favor in any way I can. Since I can’t really afford to craft uber armour right now, that’s sort of out, but I can make tools. Steel tools in particular increase the chances of producing +stat items (or crit crafted items) when crafting. With my Steel Smithing Hammer, I’ve got a 65% crit chance on Tier 1 items. That’s not to say that I’ve actually produced anything that’s crit as of yet (aside from the random Bronze Ingot), but I’m ever hopeful.

The Book 8 Crafting changes also made Crit Crafting a LOT easier. Instead of getting a drop that says “this item can be used for crafting” and just vendoring it because it’s taking up space in my bags, I can now mine the Crit Crafting ingredients as I’m mining for ore and it says right on the item which profession can use it. Now I just have to remember to start sending the Crit Crafting ingredients I can’t use to Kin members instead of vendoring them like an idiot.

As for my Rune-Keeper side I’m also running around fully Traited for healing. *giggles* Typically when leveling healers, I NEVER want to set myself up for healing until further along in the game. Healers usually can heal really well, but can’t kill anything and tend to be squished pretty quickly. So really unless I know I’m going to be running in groups for the most part, I set up my healy types as hybrid DPS/healers or as full DPS and then switch over closer to end game. The downside is that I do play later than most folks and I don’t always get a chance to quest with others. I could just answer every “looking for fellowship” call I see and gain experience that way, but there’s sometimes that I just want to run around on my own, collecting goodies and killing anything that moves. 😀


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