LotRO: Epic Quest Night and Adventures Galore

Talk about a fun weekend! So on Friday Night I trailed behind the Kin as we grouped up in a Fellowship to complete some of the Epic Quest line (aka the Book Quests). Safe to say it was pretty interesting stuff. Both the quests themselves, the members of the Kin roleplaying a bit as we went, and yep kicking butt once we got there. Here's the crew working on one of the quests. I'm of course at teh back with my happy healing rock trying to draw as little attention to myself as possble, while still making the group glow nice and green:

We have a couple folks in the Kinship that have played LotRO and other games at a more Hard Core pace so they know when it's time to start pounding on things and just how to do it. We had some solid strategy behind us as we cut through book 2 and the Kin members made their way into book 3. I'm lagging a little behind in that I spent a good part of the week working on crafting as opposed to leveling. I was able to keep up healing even though we were getting into content a little too big for my britches. Fortunately we did have a Minstrel with us because by the time we got to the end of the book 2 quests I was stretched pretty thin, even with a healing talent loaded and a lot of stat bumping traits equipped. Phew those are tough.

Though as the weekend bore on I was glad to see that as I level healing even became stronger. I'm really happy about that.


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