Taking a Chance and Landing a Good Guild, Small, but Good

So yeah, while I still spend the bulk of my time running with Savvy (which is the what I prefer regardless), I managed to get us both into a guild. It’s not a big guild, and it’s still pretty new, but it’s a guild with promise. So far the guild Leader and the Guild officers have taken a personal approach to recruiting via actually walking up to people that look promising and asking if they want to join a guild. Since my first guild invite was via an anonymous whisper, it was a little refreshing to have someone standing in front of me recruiting as opposed to a disembodied voice that’d noticed I’d picked a healing class via the /who settings.

At first I was a little worried about how well me and Savvy would fit in the guild. We’re not active role players, we just managed to roll on LotRO’s unofficial role playing server. I’d rolled there because Scary, Evil, and Nox my WoW guildies, had rolled there. So when I’d made Edhelgeist to test out the game (months ago) I naturally picked that server. Since I haven’t seen any of them online, it’s just been me and Savvy. Honestly, I’d probably would have stopped playing quite some time ago otherwise. It’s fun to have someone to run with that likes running up to check out some sweet views or do some cliff diving (*giggles*). Heh, so as you can imagine we aren’t typical hard core players, and we aren’t really role players either. I was sort of waiting for things to turn out like they did for Oforf in “The Noob Comic” when he joined his first guild (Link). Fortunately I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the guild isn’t as heavy on the role playing as some of the guilds I’d looked into. So far the members are also really helpful, trading out recipes they can’t use and running with other guild-mates to complete quests. We even have a guild run set for Friday, which I should even be able to attend (with my night owl type scheduling).

I did ask if the guild had a website and since the answer was no, I volunteered to help get one set up. I figure if nothing else it’ll be a good way for each of us to post up our trade-skills and give us the opportunity to help each other out by crafting upgrades for one another as opposed to buying the stuff off the Auction House. Heh, maybe it’ll help us all save up for mounts a little faster.


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13 years ago

Hehe, you bet H00LiGAN! If nothing else I’ll have to play some tunes for you. I’ve been collecting all kinds of music, hehe.

13 years ago

You’re on Landroval? Add Eostemir as a friend and I will help out whenever I can.

13 years ago

Heh, my response started getting too long, I think I’m just going to have to write a post.

I agree though, I’ve already dropped out of a guild in LotRO because I just didn’t feel that it’d be a solid fit for me. They were recruiting for end game but then once I was in the guild the veteran members where complaining about seeing so many new names. 😛

Safe to say I’m not all sunshine and rainbows about the guild, I just like the concept. I’m one of those people that doesn’t mind buying a ticket to nowhere just for the sake of seeing where the trail leads. Guess that says a lot about me, heh.

13 years ago

This is one of the few cases where size might not matter. 🙂

It’s more important to ensure the guild is going be a source of what you’re looking for or compliment your goal with the game; and don’t just take their word for it. Make sure that is what they’re really about and not a secondary target.

i.e. if you want casual play, ensure you aim at a guild that does that. If you want to raid, ensure you aim at a guild that does that. If you want to hit dungeons and explore, make sure the guild supports that type of play style. If you just want to be social, again, make sure the guild will support that and they don’t think they can ‘cure’ you of it and get you into other aspects of play.


13 years ago

I don’t know to be honest. I’ve had horrible experiences with “small friendly, leveling guilds”. Most of them start out with the best of intentions but once the leveling part is done and you get toward endgame horrible stuff always happens. I put it myself on the fact that people at endgame have different expectations. Anyway, suffice to say I’ve lost RL friends to the drama.

Me and my gaming buddy are currently looking into kinships too. So far nothing caught our attention but it would be fun to have some people to run instances or get help.

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