Ding 20 Rune-Keeper, In a Guild and Losing my Slacker Cred

Woo Hoo! Level 20! OK so I still don't have a house and I'm 15 levels away from a mount, but hey, I'm having a blast and I feel like I'm leveling pretty fast. Well faster than I thought I'd level. I blame my game buddy really. I wasn't planning on hitting 20 this weekend, but we were trying on getting around to a named mob to farm for some crafting items and well, we didn't get around to the mob. We did however get me close enough to 20 that we figured “what they hey” and polished that off.

We ended killing off so many spiders in the process that we both ended up with the “Spider-Bane” title in the process. The best part though is announcing “hey I just got a title for killing off the spiders and I like the sound of it”. Only to hear in return “yeah I know, I did too and I'd just turned it on.”

Safe to say, much laughter was to be had by all.

I also ended up landing us both in a guild after getting approached by a Hobbit looking to add well me to the guild. Since he seemed like a sensible fellow (and was willing to take on myself and my friend) it was a win/win situation. So far the guild seems like a good fit. They aren't pushing to level super quickly and neither are we. Since I've been pushing Geistig's levels to catch up with my level buddy, (who's 22) it's felt like a push, and I've been doing everything I can to put on levels as quickly as possible (including putting myself in zones a little *ahem* ahead of schedule in order to get some levels put on a bit faster). Downside is that the mobs resist a little more. The upside is that the leveling is a little more challenging. Honestly, knocking mobs out in one blow just doesn't do it for me. I kind of like the thrill of wondering whether this spider I just aggroed is going to send me to the graveyard. I know, crazy isn't it?

The best part is running with my buddy, seeing a level 26 spider “is it elite” I ask, “don't think so” is the response, so of course I drop a healing run and charge on with “well then, let's pwn it!” Once again, much laughter was to be had by all.

I don't think I've had this much fun in a game in a long time. Yeah I had a blast in Free Realms, I even had a blast in WoW once in a while, but hey there's something to just running around in a world that seems so tightly restricted, but in reality has so many funny underlying currents. Not to mention the fact that I still giggle every time I see “Pig” and “Cow”. *giggles*

So for now I'm sticking with Rune-Keeper. Honestly the pendulum effect of only being able to heal effectively when using healing spells and damaging effectively when using damage spells, CAN be severely limiting. On the plus side though, I think I'm getting to the point where I know when to use which. Safe to say, it's not the easiest choice. Also since it looks like the healing side of things is going to be in demand in the future, I probably need to make sure that I've got a handle on that dynamic. Sure it's fun running about in a tandem blasting like crazy and healing as need be, but full on group encounter heals can be a different beast entirely. What do I mean CAN be, gah. Oh well.

Honestly though, I think I picked a class that works for me, and I don't really feel tempted to try out the other classes. I really just want to see more of the game and play out the story line. This really is kind of a first for me. Usually I'm going back and trying out other classes left and right to see if I'd enjoy another class more. Then again now I actually have a leveling buddy AND I'm in a guild with other folks at about the same level. I've got some pretty good reasons to press on, and I'm not playing by myself, but running into other players every once and again. It's a cool experience and for now I'm just enjoying myself. How long will it last? Who knows. For now though it's friggin' awesome.


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13 years ago

Books are awesome so far. Makes you feel really participating in the story.
I’m still debating on the dread mecanics. It’s cool from a roleplaying standpoint but it did feel weird to wipe simple because I had so much dread I was missing more than half my life points just as 4 elite mobs pop on us.

I suppose part of it is me not understanding lotro mechanics. As much as it looks like WoW it’s not WoW. In fact it’s what keeping me real insterested, to have a challenge again and not sleepwalk through everything.

13 years ago

Yeah when you end up with too much dread it’s not a bad idea to take a break to let some of it wear down.

I’ve got several songs set up in my Music folder now so I /music /play songs while I’m waiting or when I need a break.

It’s also a good time to hit up a pond and get some fishing in.

I really kind of like that feature because it means that I’ll be hard pressed to repeat the same content over and over on a wipe just to get it out of the way. Sometimes coming at things from a fresh perspective helps out a lot.

But if you can take stuff out at half health, it makes for great bragging rights at the pub after the run, hehe.

13 years ago

Hey, ok I really need to catch up on the books, so far I’ve been exploring every aspect of the game EXCEPT for the chapters. Heh.

I’m not too worried about it, it sounds like I’m in a guild that is working on those too so I should catch up pretty fast.

Yeah I could do an entire set of posts just on the “dread” feature. Honestly I love it, it adds a real emotional element to the game.

13 years ago

Pretty much my feelings so far too. Last weekend we did chapter 11 of book 1 where you have to finish a mini version of the great barrows. Me on a warden and him on a minstrel, both level 18. We got to the last boss after much dying and in-game learning(ha! look! half my bar gone because of dread, damn witch king!). I kept thinking how a wonderful idea it was to run after him.

I have to say that coming from a dk where I could tank 5+ mobs and a boss falling asleep tanking on a warden is a great experience. And the zones keep getting better. Old forest at night with fog is awesome.

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