A Long Day of LotRO: In Which I Watched the Bounders, Surveyed the Land, and Fished the FIsh

Geistig is now up to 17, right where I left off as a Minstrel. I’m really enjoying the Rune-Keeper class because they’re able to take care of themselves. No this isn’t really a class where I can blast away, heal, heal, blast away (hence making myself invincible). The tricky part about the class is that you you can either use your blasting skills OR your healing skills at any one time, AND the more of either type of skills you use the harder you hit/more you can heal. It takes a little getting used to, but I like this ‘pendulum’ style method to healing a damage. Especially since it means that I can actually do some friggin’ damage for once and still play a class that can do a little healing!

As for my adventures, yesterday was a long and busy day! It started out with hitting up an in game event hosted by one of the server’s role playing guilds “The Common Folk”. It was a farmer’s market roleplay event and for the most part I just wandered over to check out Michael Delving (one of the big landmarks from the Lord of the Rings Books) and to see just how one of these events went down. It was interesting, for the most part I enjoyed the music and listening to the folks pretending to hock some fruits veggies and fish.

Speaking of fish, after getting in a few levels my friend and I decided to train up and get some fishing in. It’s actually a pretty well implemented game feature (a lot more fun than clicking on a bobber). It also gives one plenty of time to yack about nothing, fish up some interesting items, and comment on the common channel antics. One of which of course involves “Dwarfs on Roller Skates”. Heh, you probably had to be there, but regardless, still a funny concept.


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