Exploring LotRO, Throwing Heals, Opening my Big Mouth

I'm really starting to enjoy playing LotRO. Unfortunately for the LotRO community, heh. I started playing my Minstrel again (which means I kill kind of slowly sometimes but I get to heal). The other bonus of playing Minstrel is that I get a pretty wide selection of instruments that I can pick up and play. I'm dinking around with the 'player music' feature. I've set up a file that holds .abc files and I've loaded a file I downloaded that plays Green Sleeves. Yes, I am excited about this, and yes I am a dork.

I'm still not positive if I'll continue playing my Minstrel or if I'll go back to my Runekeeper. I like both classes, but the Runekeeper seems to do a little more damage (hence level more quickly). It also seems like the Runekeeper fares better against multiple mobs than the Minstrel does. The bulk of this is in that the Rune-Keeper is able to summon a stone that heals the Runekeeper as they continue to fight. Now as a Minstrel, when you're getting beat on by several mobs and your heal spells are getting interrupted by damage… gah, it takes longer for the heal to arrive.

The sad part is that the slacker in me is more than willing to keep the Minstrel because I REALLY like the idea of being able to play a wide variety of instruments. Ok that AND my Minstrel is already 17, the Runekeeper is 7. That also plays a pretty big factor. I have a few titles on Ehdelgeist already, I've invested a bit of time, etc etc. But hey if the leveling just gets too slow, I'm really not thinking that I'll be willing to grind it out and I'll probably pick up the Runekeeper at that point just to get in the levels.

Now I just need to figure out why the devil I keep picking healing classes instead of the nice hearty plate wearing classes. Then again it's not really like any of the games I've picked up are going to have a replacement for my Death Knight. /sigh

As for opening my big mouth, yeah, I used the OOC (out of context) channel this evening. Now I'm lumped into the WoW players category. I'm not too worried about it though. People will like me, or people will hate me, it's really they're choice. I've spent a lot of time just hiding out from people because I didn't want to offend anyone, or step on anyone's toes, etc. Then again one of the best parts about playing MMO's is chatting with the other players. Sometimes I just enjoy reading the chat as I'm running along, even if I don't feel like grouping, just because I don't feel like I'm all alone if there's other folks chattering away in the text box. Even if I don't want to read some of it, it's still pretty comforting.


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13 years ago

Nice change of pace tough to actually see people get answers on the advice channel instead of “L2P noob! LOL!”

If you do reroll feel free to drop by on Windfola, my hobbit’s called Hendin

13 years ago

It’s an idea, I should probably just continue working on Geistig since she’s at 7. So far I’m happy with the server, it’s pretty active. It’s a pretty RP heavy server which I don’t mind, I’ve just always found it funny when they mind me, heh.

13 years ago

I know what you mean. It always takes some adjustment when you’re getting back into a more civilized game culture. I love it. Ok no, not because they’re squishy, but because I’M squishy.

The “me first”, “it’s all about me”, and “that’s enough about you let’s talk about me” WoW crowd really adds a shell that’s hard to sough off I think.

I’m almost thinking I should re-roll as a Hobbit or Dwarf and make sure I’ve got a nice comical name so people know what they can expect out of me.

13 years ago

I miss my DK so much too.. started a warden to complement my friend minstrel so we would have the tank/healer part down for future instances. Used to tank with a DK and I feel like I have to relearn everything with the warden. Great fun tough!!

I’ve been keeping quiet too not to antagonize anyone. I ninjaed a mine from someone without realizing yesterday , used to WoW where everyone just rush nodes. Later I was fighting a mob to clear a node and someone actually asked me if I wanted the node so he wouldn’t ninja. Made me feel like an ass for earlier… and questing in the shire is not at all like questing in WoW.

But so far enjoying the game a great deal.

PS: Hobbits are hard core!! They hide their pipeweed in caves full of bears 5 times as big as they are!

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