FreeRealms: Life on the Live Side

FreeRealms has been live since Tuesday and I've been having a blast! This is a great game for folks who don't have a ton of time to spare and just want a little something different to do for a bit.

I've been working over at Allakazam's new FreeRealms Wiki (Link). The team there and fellow players are working on building up a solid reference on FreeRealms. I'll probably spend my weekend working on the wiki. BUT I'd also like to get some posts in on my experiences in FreeRealms. So look for some upcoming posts on life in FreeRealms.


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13 years ago

Hey Lann, yeah the game can be touchy. I know that lately whenever I take ‘portrait’ from the Job section the game freezes and closes. Not sure about locking the whole system yet, I wonder if it could be a problem with Direct X?

13 years ago

I had a chance to catch the pop/rock band The Dares perform their original theme song for Free Realms at Sony’s E3 Booth… they sounded great! After their performance, the band was also given an award by Guinness World Records for being the first band to perform live simultaneously on stage and in virtual space within the game at Snow Hill. Very cool idea for E3, and the game is wonderful too. Register and play FR here if you haven’t already

13 years ago

I gave it a try. Cute game. I enjoyed the racing and demolition derby stuff. My 5 year old really liked it too.

I haven’t subscribed him yet because it’s actually locking up on his PC, quite regularly too (his PC is my old one which I used to play games like EQ2 and VG on… so it is more than enough for Free Realms). Pretty bad lock up too, it restarts the system. He plays other games just fine on there so I don’t think it’s hardware failing.

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