The Waiting is the Hardest Part…

Yep waiting for launch that is. It won't be a long wait, well except for the fact that I'll be at work for the bulk of it, hehe. The last word from the Free Realms Community Manager Pex was that they were shooting for mid to late morning for the release. Then again as some have pointed out, as long as the release hits before 11:59 tonight it'll still release on time.

It's always funny to read the 'please don't sit on the main site hitting F5' comments from the staff. Of course it just makes me want to giggle and reply “way to give them the idea”. /rofl

Really though the main question going through my mind is what to do once I log back in? I keep thinking of ways to celebrate the launch in my own creeptastic fashion. I mean do I just want to run for the Ninja trainer and start the grind? Do I want to head up to the farm outside of Snowhill and tip some cows (yes you can actually tip the cows hehe)? Hmmm… Do I want to be in the usual hang out spot and see how many familiar names I see? Do I just want to hit up Lakeshore and chase some ducks? Do I want to run around Free Realms getting video of weird places to dance as fodder for a new video?

So many choices!

Well I know there is one thing I'm looking forward to, and that is snagging a membership and checking out some of the members only content. During the closed beta select users were flagged to try out the cool members only quests, Jobs and dungeons. Yeah this is one of the Free Realms carrots to make a little cash on the MMO. You subscribe and you get the exclusive jobs. I'd be cranky about this if it wasn't for the fact that the subscription is a whopping $5.00 a month. Yep one third of my WoW subscription and I can go cow tipping as a member! I have no idea why I'm so excited about that.


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13 years ago

Tonight I will grab my name, but that’s about all I’ll have time for. Tuesday night LotRO group! But tomorrow ill be FR and my new Beta 😉
Make sure to post your name so I can look you up.

13 years ago

You betcha! I’ll probably use my Beta name Ivy Wildsaga. I put in to get “Creep Prophet” but that got the thumbs down. Creep discrimination I tell you! 😛

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