Create Your Own Azeroth – Chapter 3 – The Battle Within

Create Your Own Azeroth

This post is Dedicated to the Create Your own Azeroth project. It’s a choose your path story started by Samodean of Hardcore Casual. This is a work of fiction and pretty different from what I usually post. If you want to read the story from the start you’ll want to head here Link.
Pick the links as you go along to see how the story develops!

Chapter Three – The Battle Within

The force of Corrigan’s blow forced the Death Knight to turn
to pivot away from the Paladin. Slowly the Death Knight pivots back to face him
as she reaches for her ominously glowing axe.

Corrigan stands staring at the empty, emotionless, glowing eyes boring into him.

“…by the gods…” Rondrey mutters under his breath, his body freezes as he stares at the unmasked Death Knight. In shock and disbelief his grip on Corrigan loosens.

Corrigan’s rage drains from him. He stares blankly at the Death Knight, into those empty glowing eyes. His mind is suddenly awash with memories; he’s stricken in a way no physical blow can match.

“No… it can’t be…” Corrigan utters softly, his right foot falling behind him as he hefts his mace in a defensive stance. In reality he’s only defending himself from the memories not the looming Death Knight ahead. His heart sinks in his chest. The memories racing to the forefront of his mind play one by one, each passing too swiftly to stop. All of the memories he’d tried to drink into oblivion form a lump in his throat and mist his vision to the brink of tears.

The Death Knight, weapon drawn, stands ready to attack. Corrigan can only hear one voice, he can only see one thing, as he remembers the last time he saw her.

“Sylphine” Corrigan whispers. Standing before him in plate armor and hefting a two handed axe was the woman he’d loved. The woman he’d failed to protect. Now she stood before him willing and able to carry out the will of the Lich King and exact her own revenge for Corrigan’s failure.

Before he lost her to the Scourge she was a Priest. She had been strong with the Light. On numerous occasions she’d supported him, healing his wounds as battled the enemy. Now, now she was the enemy. Her cloth robes replaced with plate armor, her two handed staff now a two handed axe. “What have they done to you?” Corrigan asks himself.

“A whole village to defend and now this,” Rondrey thinks to himself.  “I know what yer thinkin’ but yer a daft fool to do this to yer self, let the lads handle her”.  Rondrey knows Corrigan would never recover from killing Sylpine a second time. He’s been unbearable since her loss. Now to have her return, to see her like this, Rondrey knows Corrigan’s mind is due to snap at any second.

The Death Knight turns to the scourge forces behind her and points to the village. Without question the undead creatures begin their lurch. The Death Knight turns back to Corrigan and Rondrey dropping into an aggressive stance, ready for battle.

“They’re going after the Village Corrigan,” Rondrey started, “we don’t have time for this!” His grip tightens and he shakes Corrigan’s arm to draw him back into the present.

“Nnno,” Corrigan responds as his mind wells up into a steely resolve. For the first time since losing Sylphine Corrigan has a sense of purpose. Turning to Rondrey, Corrigan stammers, “I, I must, I must do this. Take the men. Defend the Village. ”

“The lads look to you Corrigan” Rondrey growled “don’t be daft!” But judging by Corrigan’s tone Rondrey knows that nothing will change the Paladin’s mind.

Releasing his grip Rondrey turns to the men and yells “Don’t just stand there lads, form up and get to the front, defend the village at all costs! I said get a move on or ye’ll suffer at my hands!” The soldiers quickly form up and with Rondrey at the head they charge after the scourge forces.

The Death Knight and Corrigan stand alone.

“I couldn’t protect you then Sylphine,” Corrigan mutters under his breath “but by the Light, I will set you free.” Corrigan takes a deep breath, lifts his mace, and charges.

The Death Knight responds lifting her hand landing a plague on Corrigan, dodging his first strike. Bringing up her weapon the Death Knight lands a strike on Corrigan landing her second plague. Corrigan purges the two plagues, brings up his mace and lands his first strike against the Death Knight.

Seemingly without pain or effort the Death Knight absorbs the blow, but the damage is already done. The Death Knight’s axe lands another blow on Corrigan. He quickly casts to heal himself and strikes the Death Knight again.

The two danced on. She absorbing blows as he healed those she landed. The battle for a village they’d both known as a haven in happier times waged on around them. Slowly the both weakened and the end of their dance of death loomed.

Corrigan could sense something was wrong. The Death Knight’s well timed advances and attacks were starting to falter. The Death Knight was starting to make mistakes. Corrigan continued to battle and used these lapses in the Death Knight’s attacks to weaken the Death Knight further. The Death Knight seemed to be fighting herself more adamantly than she fought Corrigan.

Corrigan prepared for his last advance on the Death Knight, but he falters. “It can’t be,” Corrigan thought to himself “Is she fighting to free herself?”

Dropping away from her Corrigan withdraws from their battle. The Death Knight stood with her axe ready to land a blow, she jerked as if about to strike, but then, she hesitates. The face that before betrayed no emotion was now painted with confusion and rage.

“Fight it Sylphine!” Corrigan yelled to her “For the Light, for the Alliance…” His voice weakened and trailed “for me Sylphine… fight them…”

The Death Knight lowered her weapon. The rune emblazoned axe dropped from her hands. Suddenly she screamed “No!” Yelling to the sky she called out “I will not kill him, you have… you have NO POWER OVER ME!”  She screams again as if suffering unimaginable torment and raises her fists to the sky.

Option A – Does Sylphine win her freedom from control by the Scourge? – Find out next week at Killing ‘em Slowly


Option B – Does the Scourge regain control of Sylphine’s mind? – Find out next week at WoW Fail Blog

Slowly she drops her hands and bows her head. Catching her breath, she raises her head and levels her eyes on Corrigan.

“Corrigan” she whispers, a look of recognition and concern in her once dead cold eyes.

“Sylphine, is it really you?” he asks her, he cautiously walks towards her.

“Yes, yes, I think so,” she says, her voice a mix of joy and confusion. “I, I know who I am, where I am, the voices are gone… those horrible voices. It was you Corrigan, I couldn’t.”

The battle raging around them now closed in. They recognized that they had not time. Too many years of battle impeded their senses.

Sylphine reached for her axe and Corrigan gripped his mace tightly preparing for battle.

“This time Sylphine, I will protect you…” Corrigan promised.

“This time Corrigan, I can share your burden”


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13 years ago

Oh heh, that the name of the underlying world in the game World of Warcraft.

13 years ago

Awwww! But hey that works. 😀

Torrent Articles
13 years ago

What’s that Azeroth all about? Can you explain it further? By the way, you’ve a nice post!

13 years ago

Sweet! Yeah the prelude just made it too tempting to work in this storyline.

13 years ago

I’m just writing my part now..
I get the sad ending. lol.

13 years ago

I wanted this chapter so i could do the exact same thing!

great minds think alike, eh?

Although my vision for Sylphine is slightly different, as we will explore in a future story! ^^

13 years ago

Thanks, it just seemed like the right thing to do. 😀

13 years ago

=O Amazing job. Bringing forth a minor character into such an important piece. I can’t wait to see what develops from this. ^^

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