Beating Burnout with the Creativity

So yeah, I've been slacking off and not logging in to WoW much over the past few days. A lot of that has to do with burn out generated by the grind. While the All Death Knight night was a lot of fun, it just didn't seem to take that edge off.

So over the past few days I've been taking a break and goofing off in Runes of Magic. The whole time I've been guilty about not playing WoW for all the standard reasons. I've also been wondering just how I'm going to get myself back into the game. I'm a creative person so for me just playing a game to beat it is well, boring. I mean there may be some work involved in figureing out some of the quests, but it doesn't take a ton of creativity or problem solving to get a quest from this dude, go kill 50 of those things, and then run back to dude, rinse lather repeat. >.<


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13 years ago

Oh yeah Gereld! That quest was the worst! Those Yeties are definitely on the list.

@Scary – yeah Nagrand can be a heck of a grind, if nothing else just having to kill 30 of them is a grind whether your waiting for drops or not.

@H00liGAN – I kind of like RoM. To me it’s like watching a B Movie. There’s a lot to it that doesn’t have the same polish as other games, but that gives it character. I like character.

13 years ago

On horde side try the helcular chain quest in Tarren Mill (the horde town in Hillsbrad foothills). You had to get a rod from yetis from a nearby cave. It took me at least 2 hours to complete, for a single drop. I dunno if they improved the drop rate but it was one of the suckiest ever!

13 years ago

Br3ntbr0, Br3ntbr0… I live in his shadow… Anyway, try Nagrand for drop rates. If I remember right.

13 years ago

You’d better come back! It’s lonely there 🙁
Yes, running instances with people you like is the major fun of the “end game”. The lewt is just a bonus. That’s why iPUG4N01.
How has RoM been? I’ve been goofing of there too.

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